Why Does My Golf Ball Go Right When I Drive? (TOP 5 Tips)

The golf ball is curved as a result of basic sidespin applied to the clubface. That right-spinning golf ball (which occurs after the ball strikes your golf club) is what’s causing the right-spinning golf ball. The reason behind this is that when you initially hit the golf ball, it will start travelling in the same direction as your golf club.

Why is my golf drive going right?

In this case, it signifies that your lower body has moved forward, causing the club to be dropped too much inside of the green. The slice is a term used by golfers who watch their tee shots go right and immediately condemn it. The club comes up behind you and swings excessively from the inside of the clubhead. You’re using too much lateral motion and not enough turn during the shot, which is problematic.

Why am I pushing my drives to the right?

Incorrectly rotating the lower body open too fast on the downswing results in a significant amount of force. As shown in the image above (on the left), when the hips and knees turn forcefully the club slips behind the torso, causing it to approach the ball too much from the inside. From there, there is only one way for the ball to go: right.

Why does my golf ball bounce to the right?

In order to explain why your golf shot is blocking out to the right, consider the following: you are not swinging the club head parallel to the target line while keeping the club face pointed at the target. Swinging more along that yellow line there if you are hitting a block is what you should be doing.

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Why do I keep pushing my irons right?

The reason that your golf shot is blocking out to the right is because you are not swinging the club head down the target line with the club face aimed at the target while you are doing so, as described above. It is more likely that you are swinging more along that yellow line there when you are hitting a block.

What is it called when you hit a golf ball to the right?

Right-Hander When you hit shots that curve to the right, you are hitting a slice. A slice is a type of shot struck by a right-handed golfer in which the ball travels on a curved path to the right during its flight. It’s possible that your hand or hands, particularly your left hand, are rotated excessively to the left.

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