What Golf Ball Does Brooks Koepka Play? (TOP 5 Tips)

Brooks Koepka plays with a Srixon Z-Star golf ball, which is sponsored by Nike.

  • Koepka carries two Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges in his bag, but his last wedge is an older Vokey SM5 TVD, which he purchased for $1,500. They have lofts of 52, 56, and 60 degrees, respectively. His Scotty Cameron Teryllium Tour Newport 2 putter is still in good condition. His golf ball of choice is the Titleist Pro V1x, and he also wears Nike shoes and clothing.

What clubs does Brooks koepka use 2021?

BROOKS KOEPKA is a member of the BROOKS KOEPKA band.

  • Srixon ZX5 is the vehicle’s driver (9.5 degrees) Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 70 TX shaft
  • TaylorMade M2 Tour HL three-wood (16.5 degrees) Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 80 TX for the shaft
  • Nike Vapor Pro (3) and Srixon ZX7 irons are used (4-PW) Shafts: Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 95 X (3), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 (4-PW)
  • grips: Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 95 X (3), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 (4-PW)

Is Brooks koepka with Srixon?

Brooks Koepka made a tidy sum of money when he signed a multi-year equipment contract with Cleveland/Srixon Golf. The guaranteed money is undoubtedly wonderful, but when you have four major championships in your trophy cabinet, it isn’t the most important thing to think about.

What golf clubs does Brooks koepka play with?

A mixed bag is used by Koepka, who is one of the few players on the PGA Tour that does so. When it comes to his golf clubs, you’ll note that there isn’t a single prominent brand to choose from. The winning combination is comprised of TaylorMade woods, Mizuno irons, Titleist wedges and putter, and Mizuno irons and wedges.

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What ball does Phil Mickelson play?

Phil Mickelson like to use the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball in his swing.

What ball does Dustin Johnson use?

TOURNAMENT GOLF BALL DUSTIN JOHNSON Dustin’s style is well suited to the TaylorMade TP5X golf ball, which is slightly stiffer than the TP5. It is intended to work in conjunction with fast swing speeds by reducing spin rates for the driver, resulting in a more penetrating ball trajectory.

What ball does Collin Morikawa use?

Collin Morikawa plays with a TaylorMade TP5 golf ball from the year 2021.

What ball does Justin Thomas use?

Thomas, like many other pros, has been using the Pro V1x golf ball for a number of years and has done so for a number of years.

What ball does DeChambeau use?

Defending champion Bryson DeChambeau has stated that consistency is a critical characteristic that he seeks in a golf ball, and he believes he has found it in the latest version of the Bridgestone Tour B ball.

What shafts does Brooks Koepka use?

Additionally, a 9.5-degree Srixon ZX5 driver with a 44.5-inch Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 70 TX shaft that has been tipped an inch will be used by Koepka in addition to the ZX7 irons (which have True Temper Dynamic Gold TI X100 shafts). In addition, he will be using a trio of Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedges with the “Tour Rack” raw finish, which are made by Cleveland RTX.

Is Cleveland a Srixon?

Cleveland Golf was bought by SRI Sports Limited in 2007, and the company has been associated with Srixon since then. Because of this, several Srixon Tour players incorporate Cleveland wedges into their sets. Cleveland was founded in 1979 by the legendary Roger Cleveland and was the first city in the United States to be named after him.

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Who was Brooks Koepka sponsored by before Srixon?

Koepka, a former Nike employee who won four Majors while playing as an equipment free agency, began using Srixon irons in January and has now inked a contract with the firm, which was formerly with Nike. He will use a Srixon driver, Srixon irons, Cleveland wedges, a Srixon ball, and a Srixon Staff Bag for his golfing activities.

What ball marker does Brooks koepka use?

For the most of his professional career, Koepka has relied on Titleist balls, and while he has shied away from a full bag equipment sponsorship, that component of his game has remained essentially intact. Koepka’s mark, which distinguishes his ProV1x from others, is as straightforward as the rest of his game: a single, black dot on top of the ball number, much like the rest of his.

What ball does Jon Rahm use?

Rahmbo uses Callaway’s Tour ball, the Chrome Soft X, and it provides the perfect platform for the Spanish superstar to demonstrate his ball-striking skill as well as his ability to putt around and on greens.

What clubs do Rickie Fowler play?

Rickie Fowler will compete in the WITB in 2021. (October)

  • Driving force is provided by Cobra King F9 (7.5 degrees). Cobra RadSpeed Big Tour (14.5 degrees)
  • Cobra RadSpeed Big Tour (12.5 degrees)
  • Cobra King F9 SpeedBack (4)
  • Cobra King Forged MB (4-PW)
  • Titleist Vokey Design SM8 (52-12F, 56-14F), Vokey Design SM WedgeWorks (60-T)
  • Cobra RadSpeed Big Tour (14.5 degrees)

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