What Causes Hitting Behind The Golf Ball? (Solution)

Weight Transfer that isn’t quite right The player’s weight is transferred to the back foot during the backswing. The failure to properly transmit the weight through the ball and onto the left side of the club frequently results in the club dropping behind the ball on the green. It is essential that the body and the club work together in order to achieve adequate weight transfer.

Why do I hit the ground behind my golf ball?

A classic mistake is to whip the club inside on the takeout, causing the hips to twist excessively. When this occurs, the backswing becomes flat and inside, making it very simple to hit the ball behind the target line. To avoid this, imagine that the hands, arms, and club are all moving together as a single unit throughout the takeout.

Why am I hitting the ground first with my irons?

As opposed to maintaining their upper body position above the ball (where the sternum is immediately above the ball at impact), they lean back through the contact period. This causes the sternum to move away from the target and the lowest point in the swing arc to travel back as well, resulting in the player striking the ground before striking the ball in the first place.

What causes heel shots in golf?

A golf heel shot occurs when the golf ball strikes the clubface’s far left part (rather than the hosel) on impact. Golf slices, which occur most frequently when the golf ball is struck on the heel, cause the ball to bend over to the right and into difficulty.

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Should you stay behind the ball on all golf shots?

When performing the golf swing, it is vital that your head posture remains behind the ball throughout the entire swing, and particularly at impact. This is due to the fact that we must keep our head behind the ball in order to get maximal release upon contact. Whenever you hit the golf ball with your head in front of it, you will constantly be denying yourself of power.

Why do I keep hitting my iron shots fat?

Thin shots and fat shots are both produced by the same issue: the club bottoms out before the ball hits the ground. The most common reason for this is because the swing is out of order. Because of the momentum of the swing, the club is pulled down to the ball. In this case, you’re setting yourself up for a big shot by starting with the club on the ground.

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