Why Do Golf Commentators Whisper?

The ones who whisper are the on-course announcers. They are usually standing pretty close to the golfers. When the crowd is silenced as the golfer gets ready to take his shot, the announcer has to whisper his commentary to avoid being the only person talking and potentially distracting the golfer.


  • Golf commentators whisper because they are respectful to the tour players. This type of respect is necessary because of the time and effort that professional golfers put into scoring low and winning events. When you hear a commentator whispering, know that this is the proper way for them to behave.

How do golf announcers know what club?

Usually there is an official walking with the group and the tour player’s caddie will signal him or her with the number or they will signal the tower. They don’t always find out and sometimes after the round will ask the player what club they hit.

Who are the golf commentators today?

Current announcers

  • Jim Nantz (1986–present), Lead host.
  • Nick Faldo (2007–present), Lead analyst.
  • Ian Baker-Finch (2007–present), 17th hole & alternate 18th tower analyst.
  • Frank Nobilo (2015–present), 16th hole analyst.
  • Dottie Pepper (2016–present), lead on-course reporter.

How do caddies signal club selection?

That’s because the caddies signal to them. From watching the others, I quickly learned you sign with one hand: three fingers for a three-iron, four for a four-iron, five for a five-iron, one for a six-iron, two for a seven-iron, three for an eight-iron, four for a nine-iron, closed fist for a pitching wedge.

Why is David Duval not on Golf Channel anymore?

Davis Love III of St. Simons Island, Ga., and David Duval, a Jacksonville native, went in those diverging paths this week. Love, 56, ended his brief stint with CBS golf coverage that began this year, saying in a Twitter post that he still had a desire to play competitive golf and spend more time with his family.

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Who is the highest paid golf announcer?

Joe Buck: $10 million The 51-year-old inked a contract extension with FOX in 2018 to remain its lead voice for the World Series, NFL and even golf with the U.S. Open broadcast.

How much does Nick Faldo make as a commentator?

Nick’s Endorsement And Other Earnings For example, he is involved in golf course design and runs the Faldo Series, an initiative to help the younger generation get into golf. Even his commentating and analysis work for TV earns him a substantial amount, such as $9 million a year, just working for CBS.

Where do caddies stay on tour?

Now, caddies are always allowed inside the locker room at the start of the week and at the end of the week. At the end of the Honda Classic in March, they were allowed to shower once their player was finished playing for the week. There is clubhouse access now at some tournaments—though not all.

What does David Duval do now?

1 Golfer who competed on the PGA Tour. Duval won 13 PGA Tour tournaments between 1997 and 2001; including one major title, The Open Championship in 2001. After his professional golf career slowed, he became a golf analyst and commentator, currently working for Golf Channel and NBC.

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