Where To Sell Used Golf Balls?

Where to Sell Golf Balls Online

  • eBay. If you do sell on eBay, though, it is important to make sure to stay safe and make sure that you are not being scammed by the buyer.
  • Used Golf Ball Marketplaces. LostGolfBalls.com and Golf Balls Direct are other websites where you can sell, and buy, used golf balls.

How do I sell used golf balls?


  1. Go to the local golf course or country club and make a deal with management.
  2. Find your golf balls with a golf ball retriever.
  3. Clean off the golf balls you have found.
  4. Separate your golf balls by category.
  5. Sell your golf balls in lots of 500 on eBay or another online location.

Where is the best place to sell used golf balls?

Websites. An Internet search will reveal sites that buy used golf balls, but most of them require you to sell a minimum of several thousand balls. These sites include ILoveToGolf.com and OnlyGolfBalls.com. Another site, wbugb.com, has no minimum and bases its pricing on the average market prices for the brand of ball.

How much should I sell my used golf balls for?

Generally you’ll be paid between 6 and 12 cents per ball selling them wholesale. If you’re good at collecting, that can add up to hundreds of dollars daily. If you’re not a diver, or you don’t find more than a few hundred balls at a time, you might consider retailing the used golf balls yourself.

What golf balls are worth money?

Best Value Golf Balls

  • Srixon Distance Golf Ball. Our Pick.
  • Callaway Supersoft golf ball. Best For Average Swing Speeds.
  • Titleist TruFeel golf ball. Best Value For Performance.
  • TaylorMade Soft Response golf ball.
  • Callaway Warbird golf ball.
  • Srixon Soft Feel golf ball.
  • Vice Tour golf ball.
  • Titleist Velocity golf ball.
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Who takes old golf balls?

One of such programs is the First Tee’s Donation program. You can freely donate your used golf balls to them and get a reward in return. Apart from these programs, several companies are involved in the process of refurbishing and refinishing old golf balls. You can choose to donate yours to them.

Are old golf balls worth anything?

The earliest real golf balls that were produced in larger numbers were “feathery” golf balls. Because of the age and the craftsmanship put into these balls they are among the ones that have the highest price tag of collectible golf balls. These balls are referred to as antique, and goes for sums upwards of +$5000!

What can you do with a bunch of golf balls?

Ways To Reuse Old Golf Balls

  1. Christmas Ornaments. Whether it is an elf, a reindeer, or your initials, there are endless possibilities for how to upcycle them into cute ornaments.
  2. Massage Therapy.
  3. Insect Garden Art.
  4. Vase Filler.
  5. Potted Plant Drainage.
  6. Table Cloth Weight.
  7. Tool For Tenderizing Meat.
  8. Emergency Sink or Bathtub Plug.

Are 20 year old golf balls still good?

If unused golf balls are stored at room temperature which is around 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, they can last for 10 years. Unless you are playing a 100 year old ball, the performance will be maintained.

How many golf balls can you put in a 5 gallon bucket?

The Calculations The volume of a US five-gallon bucket is 18927cm3 divide by 40.68cm3 the volume of a standard golf ball. When you divide your answer will be 465, which means a 5-gallon bucket will contain 465 golf balls.

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What is the rarest golf ball?

The Gutta Percha ball is one of the rarest golf balls in the world. They date back to the mid 1800s and are worth thousands of dollars.
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How much do golf ball divers make?

Such pricy balls resell well, even after they’ve been submerged, and ESPN reports that golf-ball divers make an annual income between $50,000 and $100,000.
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What are rare golf balls?

10 Rarest Golf Balls Ever Played

  • Ping Golf Balls.
  • Haskell Bramble Pattern.
  • Triangle Mesh Golf Balls.
  • Square Mesh Burke GolfRite.
  • Martins Zodiac.
  • Worthington PGA.
  • Featheries.
  • Dunlop 65.

Are old golf balls still good?

He stated golf balls are now designed with multi-layer surfaces and solid cores, therefore will not go bad or impact performance. Although, golf balls with scuff marks could impact the ball’s performance. I recommend that you use the golf balls on your shelf, and don’t worry, you are still able to play with them.

Are expensive golf balls worth it?

Certainly, players will see no difference between a cheap ball and an expensive ball. If you can’t see or feel the difference, there is no reason to spend the extra money. Generally speaking, the better a golfer is, the more it makes sense to use a higher quality golf ball.

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