Where To Golf In Ireland?


  • Golf in Ireland Surrounding the lively attractive capital of Dublin are numerous golf resorts offering spectacular countryside settings. If you fancy a bit of history and culture during your trip then Cork the Blarney Stone is a must visit along with some wonderful layouts like Old Head Fota Island Resort.

Where should I golf in Ireland?

Southwest Ireland Home to some of the finest golf hotels in Ireland, such as Adare Manor, Doonbeg, Hayfield Manor, and the Killarney Park. The Southwest features some of the best sightseeing in Ireland, thanks to Killarney National Park, the Cliffs of Moher, the Dingle Peninsula, and many more.

Does Ireland have good golf courses?

However, there is no doubt whatsoever that Ireland possesses many of the finest golf courses in the world and is quite rightly one of the premier golf destinations thanks to household names such as Ballybunion, Lahinch and Portmarnock.

Is golf popular in Ireland?

Golf is still very popular in Ireland, most would even combine it with other sports. The best thing about golfing in Ireland is you can avoid the crowds, depending on the time of year, and get to play on some of the best courses in the world surrounded by stunning scenery.

Is golf expensive in Ireland?

Golf & lodging cost: $800–$1,000, seven days, six nights. The Southwest is the corner of Ireland that budget-conscious golfers avoid, but by using the Kerry Link and Shamrock passes you can play great golf for fair money, saving you enough to sprinkle in a visit to Ballybunion’s Old Course or Tralee.

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How do I plan a golf trip to Ireland?

But if you really want a great Irish trip, here are twelve tips that will help.

  1. Book it yourself.
  2. Drive yourself.
  3. Pick a region.
  4. Play the great courses at least twice.
  5. Be canny about weekends.
  6. Ask your caddie for more than the yardage.
  7. Play with the locals.
  8. Bet modestly.

What is the top rated golf course in Ireland?

Golf Digest Ireland’s Top 100 Ranked Golf Courses 2020

  • 8 County Louth Golf Club (Baltray) (SAME)
  • 7 Waterville Golf Links (Down 1)
  • 6 Ballybunion Golf Club (UP 1) (The Old Course)
  • 5 Tralee Golf Club (SAME)
  • 4 Lahinch Golf Club (SAME)
  • 3 Portmarnock (SAME)
  • 2 Royal Portrush Golf Club (SAME)
  • 1 Royal County Down (SAME)

What’s the oldest golf course in Ireland?

The Oldest Club – Members of The Curragh Golf Club play their golf over the Oldest Golf Course in Ireland, dating from 1852, when a course was laid out “on the links near Donnelly’s Hollow” by David Ritchie, from Edinburgh.

Which county in Ireland has the most golf courses?

Northern Ireland, which is primarily under British jurisdiction, boasts some of the world’s top ranked golf courses, with Royal County Down ranked by Golf Digest as the number one golf course in the world.

What country loves golf the most?

Countries Where Golf Is Most Popular

  • IRELAND. Despite the fact that golf was invented in Scotland, their next door neighbor, Ireland, is the most popular country for the sport.
  • JAPAN.

Do golf courses in Ireland have golf carts?

carts may be the way to go. Other: Some courses do not allow carts. So don’t plan on riding in a cart at the Old Course at Ballybunion, Royal County Down, Lahinch and Royal Portrush. Real Irish Golf will check on the availability of carts at specific Irish links courses at your request.

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How much does 18 holes of golf cost?

According to a Golf Channel survey, the median cost for an 18-hole round at a public golf course is $36 including cart. Private clubs are costlier with annual membership dues and additional fees and range anywhere from moderately-priced to six-figure initiation fees.

What does an Ireland golf trip cost?

Click on links below to learn more about these great tours. South West Ireland Golf Tour: $2,700. East Coast / Dublin Golf Tour: $2,790. Northern Ireland Golf Tour: $2,800.

Can you play golf year round Ireland?

You may ask, “Can I golf in Ballybunion, or in Ireland all year round?” Yes you can, is the answer. The weather rarely gets cold enough that a course would be closed for a prolonged period of time. Well, anything can happen during the summer in Ireland too, if you have any experience of Irish weather.

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