Where To Buy Golf Shafts?

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How do I buy a golf shaft?

When you want to choose a new golf shaft try and find a shaft that matches your swing speed and produces the right ball flight for you. A low torque will make the golf shaft twist less so if you have a high swing speed you will look for golf shafts with a lower torque and vice versa.

How much does a golf shaft cost?

Most retailers will charge $15-$25 to install a shaft, once a club is re-shafted it needs a new grip which ranges from $3-$12, the average cost to replace a golf shaft is $18-$37 per club. Clubs are either graphite or steel, reshafting a graphite club is far more expensive.

How much does a set of shafts cost?

A new iron shaft and grip can range between $10 and $95 while a new driver shaft and grip can range between $18 and $440. The majority of the cost comes down to what type of shaft you want and what grips you like. The cheapest shafts you can get are somewhere around 10 bucks each.

How much does a graphite golf shaft cost?

An inexpensive graphite shaft may cost $10.00, while the most expensive shaft can cost as much as $1000.00! Although most graphite shafts normally found in $10 – $100 range. Expect a club with a graphite shaft to cost more than with a steel shaft.

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Can you get fitted for a shaft?

Driver shaft-fitting is arguably the most important part of the club-fitting process. Of course, choosing the right head, loft, clubface angle and grip is important too, but how the shaft functions during your swing is, in our opinion, what matters the most. All of which have helped us choose the right shaft.

Can you get new shafts on irons?

Golf irons can be a bit easier to reshaft than a driver. If you are reshafting with steel irons, it is usually pretty straightforward. Regripping a set of golf clubs is quite easy. But when it comes to removing the old shafts and lining up the new ones correctly, a professional eye is excellent.

Should I Reshaft my irons?

Reshafting is just one way to keep your clubs performing at a high level. You can also benefit from regripping your clubs. Replacing worn-out golf grips can help make your clubs feel new again. Adding the right shaft to your favorite clubs can get you back on the course and working toward a new personal low round.

How far should you hit a 7 iron?

What Distance Does the Average Golfer Hit a 7 Iron? A standard amateur golfer can hit a 7 iron from 128 yards to 158 yards. The lower range will be for women and senior golfers. To hit the ball over 150 yards in total distance with a 7 iron club, an amateur golfer will have to have a good swing and be physically fit.

How much is a new driver shaft?

The cost of replacing the shaft, excluding the shaft, is in the range between $25 and $45. This includes the cost of the grip and approximately $20 in labor cost. Adjustable shafts may require a sleeve adaptor that can set you back in the region of $14.

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Are steel shafts better than graphite?

Typically, steel shafts are much heavier, more durable and are generally less expensive than their graphite counterparts. Steel shafts tend to offer the golfer more feed back and feel than its graphite counterpart, which can be part of the decision-making process when selecting the golf club.

Which shaft is best for me?

The greater the flex, the more the shaft will bend. There are ladies, seniors, regular, stiff and extra stiff shafts. If you hit your drives fewer than 200 yards, you probably should choose a ladies shaft. But if you hit it 250 to 275 yards, you should think about ordering stiff shafts.

Do pros use steel or graphite shafts for irons?

That being said, most professional players prefer to use a graphite shaft for their woods, because they give a smoother stroke at the very highest swing speeds. For their irons, professional players tend to prefer steel iron shafts because they offer consistency and rigidity.

Can I change my steel shafts to graphite?

The usual reasons to switch from steel to graphite are to play a lighter shaft to increase swing speed, or to reduce the amount of vibration from a steel shaft. But that logic is a little outdated.

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