When Does The Golf Digest Hot List Come Out?

Customers also can pick up this year’s Hot List issue, available in stores January 25, 2022, which is published annually by Golf Digest, the most widely read golf publication and most visited golf web site in the world.

  • Golf Digest’s Hot List is the most read annual equipment review among golfers, in print and online, and guides them on the new clubs that can improve their game. The upcoming edition will be the 19 th annual Hot List and launches on 25 th January 2022.

What month do new golf clubs come out?

To get the best deal you want to try and start looking for your new clubs around the start of the year ( Jan-Feb ). This is when most club manufacturers release their latest models and so the previous year’s models are heavily reduced by most retailers.

What new golf clubs are coming out in 2021?

Step Up Your Game with New Golf Clubs for 2021

  • Callaway Epic Golf Clubs.
  • TaylorMade SIM2.
  • Callaway Apex 21.
  • PING G425 Clubs.
  • Titleist TS Woods.
  • Cobra RADSPEED Clubs.
  • Odyssey White Hot Putters.

What brand clubs do most pros use?

Titleist is the dominant brand among the golf clubs used by the top 100 PGA Tour players. Titleist clubs are the most played across all categories of clubs, with the sole exception of fairway woods. Callaway is the next most popular brand among this elite group with PING golf clubs being the next most common.

Where are sub 70 golf clubs manufactured?

Sub 70 is a new, high end golf equipment company that utilizes a factory direct sales model. Our equipment is made from the best materials available and is hand built in Illinois.

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What is the best month to buy golf clubs?

Golf Equipment Deals in Late Winter/Early Spring This is the prime time to get last season’s model at its cheapest price, as all the newest models are hitting the shelves as well. In a cold-weather climate, no one is thinking about golfing during this time of year, so you may be able to find some great deals.

What time of year do golf clubs go on sale?

Golf clubs typically go on sale at the end of the winter. During the winter period, new models are released. There is a lot of anticipation and excitement about these new models, and therefore, people start to wonder about adding them to their golf bags.

Is Callaway coming out with new irons in 2022?

Callaway just released its highly anticipated new 2022 Rogue ST irons, which is a family of irons that includes four different models: Pro, MAX, MAX OS and MAX Lite. All of the irons have Callaway’s new 450 A.I.

Is there a golf club shortage?

Golf clubs and grips are in short supply due to global supply chain issues, Bloomberg reports. The shortages come at a time when golf is exploding in popularity due to the pandemic. 2020 saw the biggest net increase in golfers in 17 years, according to the National Golf Foundation.

What irons do Justin Thomas use?

As far as the consistent iron setup goes, Thomas opts for a Titleist T100 four-iron before transitioning into a set of the Titleist 620 MB blades. They go form five-iron down to nine-iron.

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What clubs do Dustin Johnson use?

Dustin Johnson WITB 2022 (January)

  • 3-wood: TaylorMade Stealth HL (16.5 degrees)
  • 7-wood: TaylorMade SIM Max (21 degrees)
  • Hybrid: TaylorMade Stealth Rescue 4 (22 degrees)
  • Irons: TaylorMade P730 DJ Proto (4-PW)
  • Wedges: TaylorMade MG (52-09SB @54 degrees, 60-10SB)
  • Putter: TaylorMade Spider Limited Itsy Bitsy.

Are t100s blades?

Titleist T100 Irons are one of the thinnest, most blade-looking cavity irons on the market. The player who will benefit most from this iron is someone who has always played (or always wanted to play) traditional blade irons but now wants to take advantage of the forgiveness that modern technology can offer.

Who owns sub70 golf?

JASON HILAND – Founder & CEO, Sub 70 Golf. BACKGROUNDER — Grew up in Illinois in the small town of Hinckley — population 1,100. Played college golf at Waubonsee Community College and earned a business degree at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.

Are sub70 clubs good?

Sub 70 Golf doesn’t boast any unique technology in these irons (whereas their other iron sets feature more modern design features). The soft, buttery feel of a forged iron and optimal launch conditions that were almost exactly the same as my current irons. They’ve got plenty of distance, feel, and workability.

Are sub 70 irons good?

The Sub 70 699 is an excellent distance iron that has the potential to appeal to a wide range of players. They’re long, they’re easy to manipulate, and extremely forgiving. They also feel great and look fantastic. Oh, and a “stock” set of 699 irons starts at less than $500!

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