What Year Is My Harley Davidson Golf Cart?

  • What year is my Harley Davidson Golf Cart? The year is listed on the serial plate and will be 1963 to 1982. The exact year and model are easily found using the tables below.

How can you tell what year a Harley Davidson golf cart is?

Using the Serial Plate. The easiest way to find the age of your Harley Davidson golf cart is to use the serial plate. Typically, this plate is located somewhere the rear wheel of the cart.

What kind of engine is in a Harley Davidson golf cart?

Presenting, The Harley-Davidson Golf Carts From 1963 onwards, the H-D golf carts kept on using a dual-cycle single-cylinder engine with a 245cc displacement.

How much is a 1978 Harley Davidson golf cart worth?

1978 AMF Harley Davidson Golf Cart When you’ve got a vehicle that’s restored beyond mint condition, you know that you have to be ready to pay the price. This 1978 AMF Harley Davidson Golf Cart is available to own for $18,500.

How many cc’s is a Harley Davidson golf cart?

It had a single-cylinder engine, which was two cycle, and a displacement of 245 cubic centimeters. The standard piston diameter of this golf cart was 2.739 inches, the piston fit in cylinder was. 006 to. 007 inches, the piston ring end gap was.

What is AMF Harley-Davidson?

In the year of 1969, the AMF corporation ( American Machine and Foundry ) originally took over production of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Prior to the acquisition of Harley-Davidson, AMF was a manufacturing company of bowling equipment, tennis rackets, and other recreational items.

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Did Harley-Davidson ever make a snowmobile?

The Introduction Of The Snowmobiles Harley-Davidson made and sold snowmobiles between 1971 and 1975, under the aegis of its parent company AMF that also owned Aermacchi at the time, which made two-stroke engines in Italy.

How fast does a Harley-Davidson golf cart go?

On average, both gas and electric Club Car, Yamaha, EZGO, Harley Davidson and Par Car golf carts will max out at 15 MPH. This excludes any modifications to the engine or body. While driving in reverse, most gas golf carts reach their forward top speed. On the other hand, most electric carts can reach only 5 MPH.

When did AMF get involved with Harley-Davidson?

In February 1981, a group of Harley-Davidson senior executives, led by Vaughn Beals, signed a letter of intent to purchase Harley-Davidson from AMF. On February 27, AMF announced the sale to the public. AMF had originally purchased Harley-Davidson in 1969.

Who makes Columbia Par Car?

Columbia Vehicle Group, Inc. is a member of the Nordic Group of Companies, Ltd. Headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin the Nordic Group is a privately-held holding company consisting of subsidiaries with 22 facilities, and 24 marketing units around the world with over 2,400 associates.

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