What To Wear To Golf In Scotland?

Appropriate golf clothing should be worn at all times on the course and in the clubhouse. Jeans, t-shirts, trainers and collarless shirts should not be worn either on the course or in the clubhouse. Only tailored shorts will be acceptable. Golf shoes and waterproof garments are not acceptable in the clubhouse.

  • Essentials for a Scotland golf trip: Quick dry trousers Woollen socks Neck warmer Waterproof Thin layers Wet gloves

How should I dress for golf in Scotland?

Essentials for a Scotland golf trip:

  1. Quick dry trousers.
  2. Woollen socks.
  3. Neck warmer.
  4. Waterproof.
  5. Thin layers.
  6. Wet gloves.
  7. Sun cream and after sun.
  8. Waterproof phone case.

How do I prepare for a Scottish golf trip?

Planning a golf trip to Scotland – Our 5 best tips

  1. Book Your Courses Strategically. Scotland has over 550 courses spread all over the country.
  2. Get a Golf Pass.
  3. Play a “Hidden Gem”
  4. Attend a Golf Tournament.
  5. Rent a Set of Clubs.

What are Scottish golf pants called?

Trews (Truis or Triubhas) are men’s clothing for the legs and lower abdomen, a traditional form of tartan trousers from Scottish Highland dress. Trews could be trimmed with leather, usually buckskin, especially on the inner leg to prevent wear from riding on horseback.

What is the best month to play golf in Scotland?

If you don’t mind paying high season rates, I think that late May and/or early June is the best time to visit Scotland for golf. The courses and hotels aren’t too busy, the days are long, and the courses are in great shape. If you want to take advantage of shoulder season rates, I recommend April.

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What should I pack for a golf trip?

A golf trip checklist: 12 essentials for your next summer getaway

  • A durable travel cover for your clubs.
  • A versatile sweater.
  • A solid pair of shades.
  • A shirt that feels like vacation.
  • Pants that will make a statement.
  • Easy-to-store umbrella.
  • A trendy day bag.
  • A shirt that matches everything.

Can you wear shorts on golf course?

Shorts are okay, but not too short. Although wearing of shorts is allowed, you should always remember that it should not be too short nor too tight. Also, your shorts should be tailored like casual trousers and should be just above the knee. Like your golf pants, they should also have belt loops.

Why do golfers wear knickers?

Origins of Golf Clothing Early golfers wore clothing to battle the elements in Scotland, where golf was born. To guard against the wind blowing off the water at courses like St. Andrews, men wore knickerbockers (knickers) or short pants that ended below the knee, and heavy tweed jackets.

What is women’s golf attire?

The general rules on women’s golf tops at golf courses are polo-style shirts, turtleneck, and crew-neck tops. However, T-shirts, halter tops, tank tops, strapless tops, drawstrings, and similar types are considered inappropriate. Traditional choices like polos and khakis are totally fine if that’s your style.

Why do golfers wear fancy clothes?

Golf has long had a dress code and etiquette that players must adhere to. This has been a way to keep new golfers as well as veterans of the game in line with the traditions of the game.

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How late can you play golf in Scotland?

Due to its location, the northern reaches of Scotland experience sunlight well up to midnight over the summer months of June and July. This means that golfers can go out and play golf with a difference and tee off in the still of (late night!) twilight.

How much does it cost to golf at St Andrews in Scotland?

For a round, it costs about the same as your normal PGA Tour venue open to the public. Depending on the exchange rate, the 2018 green fee to play the Old Course is 180 pounds, which is about $250.

Can you golf year round in Scotland?

2) The Course Access: Scottish courses are open all year round, but in winter the only people playing them are the locals. The only caveat: Since winter days in Scotland are short, so is the window of tee times—generally from about 8 a.m. until noon—so don’t plan on many 36-hole days.

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