What Is Wedge Flex Golf Shaft?

One of the most commonly used phrases but rather unknown to a large majority of less experienced golfers is the term “wedge flex”. All wedge flex means is the type of shaft on the wedge will be generally heavier and slightly stiffer than a regular flex club such as an iron. Therefore it has a “wedge flex shaft”.

What exactly does “wedge flex” mean?

  • Wedge flex generally means something stiffer than regular but not quite as stiff as a stiff shaft. The wedge flex shaft is put in a wedge because it is usually a little heavier than a standard iron flex shot.

What is wedge flex vs regular flex?

Wedge flex generally means something stiffer than regular but not quite as stiff as a stiff shaft. The wedge flex shaft is put in a wedge because it is usually a little heavier than a standard iron flex shot. The heavier shafts help players get the feel and spin they need to hit the proper wedge shots.

Do pros use wedge flex?

So what do the pros have in their wedges? Even Jessica Korda plays the same True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 S shafts in her irons and wedges. Some tour players like Si Woo Kim, play softer flexes and heavier weights in their sand and lob wedges since these are more feel-oriented clubs.

Should wedge shafts be stiffer?

Who Should Play With Stiff Flex In Their Wedges And Why? Golfers with faster swings are best suited to stiff flex shafts. If you are one of those players that swings a driver above 110 mph, then you may get the most out of your clubs with an extra stiff shaft on your lower degree wedges.

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What shaft is SM8 wedge flex?

The stock shaft for the new Slate Blue SM8 is the True Temper Wedge Flex shaft and is fitted with an eye-catching Blue/White/Black Golf Pride grip with the BV (Bob Vokey) wings on display down the front. A new premium finish for the number 1 wedge on Tour.

Is S200 a stiff flex?

Because the weight can differ slightly during production — and because Dynamic Gold is a weight-sorted product — the standard stiff flex is broken out into three sub-flexes: S200 (127 grams), S300 (130 grams) and S400 (134 grams).

Should wedge shafts be the same as irons?

Clubfitters recommend golfers have the same shafts in their wedges and irons. Different shaft flexes & weights can lead to loss of distance, greater shot dispersion and different ball flight than expected. Better players can however select softer flex shafts for high lofted wedges for more control.

Is wedge flex regular or stiff?

Wedge flex is actually the same as stiff flex. Wedge flexes are stiff. Some wedges come in lighter with less stiff flexes and some come in heavier. Usually the range between stiffness levels is about 5 grams in weight per shaft.

Should wedge shafts be lighter or heavier?

The difference in weight between the two shafts is 2 grams in favor of the wedge shaft, which might not seem like a huge difference. Going to a lighter swing weight in a wedge can sometimes lead to inconsistencies with delivery, contact, and turf interaction.

Should all your wedges match?

“ Always have wedges that match the spec and set up for your iron set,” Sherburne says. Most wedges off the shelf come with a shaft that for many golfers might be too heavy and stiff. Your wedges are extensions to your irons so they should 99 percent be set up the same for proper gapping and dispersion.”

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What wedge shafts do the pros use?

True Temper’s Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 is by far the most popular wedge shaft with 37% of the top 100 PGA Tour players using it. The Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 is the next most popular and True Temper shafts account for over 70% of the wedge shafts used by this elite group.

Should wedge shafts be softer?

If there’s one thing to keep an eye on when testing wedge shafts, it’s shaft weight. Most of the time, going softer also means going lighter in weight, which can alter swing weight and possibly timing with the wedges.

Why are wedge shafts heavier?

The heavier weight of golf wedges provides more momentum with shorter swings thereby helping get the ball up and out around the green. This is for a very good reason as often times golf wedges are played from thicker grass and soft sand where the additional weight will help plow through those conditions.

What is the standard shaft in a Vokey wedge?

Is the standard Vokey SM7 shaft the Dynamic Gold S200?

Who makes Vokey wedge shafts?

– Vokey Design Wedges – Team Titleist.

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