What Is The Standard Length Of A Golf Driver Shaft?

Almost all drivers being introduced by manufacturers now feature a shaft length of 45 to 45.75 inches. Though some manufacturers have introduced drivers with shaft lengths longer than 46 inches, few have been successful.

What is the Standard Shaft length of a golf driver?

  • Standard Length of a Golf Driver. The length of your driver affects the distance and accuracy of the golf ball, making it a key factor in your success. Standard lengths differ based on gender and the material used to make the driver shaft. In general, men’s standards are 44 inches long for steel shafts and 45 inches for graphite as of 2014.

How long should my driver shaft be for my height?

The Tall and Short of It For example, if you are 6-feet tall and your wrist-to-floor measurement is 35 inches, a standard length driver — 44 inches for a steel shaft driver and 45 inches for a graphite shaft driver — would be appropriate.

How is golf driver length measured?

Simply hold your golf club at 45 degrees to the ground or as in your playing position. At this point take a golf club ruler or take measure and place under the sole of the club. Measure to butt of grip. This will give you you an accurate and USGA standard for measuring your golf driver.

What length is Tiger Woods driver?

So in a basic theory, the longer your golf driver is the more POTENTIAL you have for increased distance. Likewise, the shorter you go the more accuracy and control you are likely to gain. This basic concept is why many pro golfers play golf drivers that are 44 to 44.5 inches in length. (Tiger plays a 43.5 inch driver ).

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How long is DeChambeau’s driver?

Bryson DeChambeau’s ferocious hitting distances have been a theme of recent times and the Californian experimented with a 48in driver this year. The R&A and USGA, who jointly preside over the rules of golf, have decided club length is linked directly to troublesome issues over distances.

What is the length of Justin Thomas Driver?

Justin Thomas, Collin Morikawa and Phil Mickelson have their say on the new local rule introduced by the R&A and USGA that gives tournaments the option of reducing the permitted length of a driver shaft to 46 inches.

How long is Dustin Johnson’s driver shaft?

Driver. SPECS TaylorMade SIM2, 10.5°, Fujikura Ventus Black proto 6X shaft, 45.75 inches.

What length is Rory McIlroy’s driver?

Lefty slams USGA for potential driver length rule Several top amateurs also told GolfChannel.com that they knew of no one who gamed a driver that long. “I went back to 44 1/2 [inches ] earlier this year,” Rory McIlroy said.

How long is Phil Mickelson’s driver?

Mickelson uses a 47.5-inch driver — it was 47.9 inches at Kiawah Island when at age 50 he became golf’s oldest major champion — and Lefty was not pleased in August when he heard this limit was close to being announced, calling it “pathetic.”

What length is Rickie Fowler’s driver?

In 2017 Jimmy Walker cut two inches off his driver shaft to 42.5 inches, and Rickie Fowler shaved an inch off to get his to 43.5 inches. Both saw their accuracy increase significantly that season. Fowler won that year’s Honda Classic right after making the switch and had this to say.

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Should I get a shorter driver shaft?

Pros: A shorter driver shaft will shorten the arc of your swing. This will help you to hit the center of the clubface more often. Hitting the center of the clubface more often means you are more likely to keep the ball in play than you were before.

What is longest legal driver shaft length?

Under the Rules of Golf, the maximum length of a club is 48 inches. Clubs must be at least 18 inches long and cannot exceed the 48 inches. Lengths of putters is now a concern due to the proliferation of long putters in golf; however, the 48-inch limit of shafts in the Rules of Golf does not apply to putters.

What size driver do I need?

LENGTH. The driver is the longest club in your bag. Men’s drivers tend to measure between 45 and 48 inches, while women’s drivers are typically between 43 or 44 inches. The size used depends on how a golfer feels in terms of overall control.

Does a longer shaft mean longer drives?

The results consistently showed the longest distances come from the longest shafts, but they don’t come that often.” Stachura says. Lengthening your driver shaft might sound like a quick and easy way to add 20 yards to your tee ball, but it’s generally a bad idea for average golfers.

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