What Is The Slope Of A Golf Course?

Golf course slope is actually derived from the golf course rating. Slope is a measure of a golf course’s difficulty in a relative comparison of a scratch golfer to a bogey golfer (someone who shoots around 90 for 18 holes). It is always a number between 55 and 155, with 113 being the ‘standard’ slope.

What is the average slope of a golf course?

The average slope rating of a golf course is typically 113. If the slope of a golf course is less than 113, the course is easier than the average golf course.

How is golf course slope rating calculated?

The USGA Slope Rating is a numerical value that indicates the relative difficulty of a set of tees on a golf course for a bogey golfer in comparison to a scratch golfer. In order to calculate the slope rating, the difference between the bogey and scratch rating is multiplied by 5.381 for men and 4.240 for women.

What is the lowest slope for a golf course?

Slope Rating® An indication of the relative difficulty of a golf course for players who are not scratch players compared to players who are scratch players. The lowest Slope Rating is 55 and the highest is 155.

What is the max slope for a golf course?

The minimum slope rating is 55 and the maximum is 155 (slope does not relate specifically to strokes played as course rating does). When the slope rating system was first put into effect, the USGA set the slope for an ‘average’ golf course at 113; however, not many 18-hole golf courses have slope ratings that low.

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Is a 130 Slope Rating hard?

The “standard” or base slope rating is 113, meaning a course that is rated at 113 will play to a standard difficulty level. On the other hand, taking on a course with a slope rating in the 130’s or 140’s is going to present a serious challenge to a player with a mid or high handicap.

Is a slope rating of 135 hard?

A course with a Slope Rating of 135 is not necessarily more difficult than a course with a Slope Rating of 113. Add your Course Handicap to the USGA Course Rating of that same set of tees.

What is the slope rating of St Andrews?

A golf course of standard playing difficulty has a Slope Rating of 113.

Is a higher slope rating harder?

The higher the slope number, the harder the course is for the bogey golfer relative to the difficulty of the course for the scratch golfer. Slope numbers can range anywhere between 55 and 155 with the average slope in the United States being 120.

What does 67 mean in golf?

Nett score refers to a golfer’s score once their handicap has been subtracted from their gross score. For example if someone shot a gross score of 75 and played off 8 then their nett score is 67.

What is a hard course slope rating?

Slope rating (a term trademarked by the United States Golf Association) is a measurement of the difficulty of a golf course for bogey golfers relative to the course rating. Course rating tells scratch golfers how difficult the golf course will be; slope rating tells bogey golfers how difficult it will be.

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What does a Slope Rating of 130 mean?

From Tom’s tees, a slope of 130 gives him a 12 Course Handicap. Mary gets one stroke PLUS the difference between the course ratings, or 73.2 – 71.1 = 2.1. Rounded to the nearest whole number (. 5 or more is rounded up).

What is slope vs rating?

While course ratings are a measure of the difficulty of a course, slope ratings are a measure of how much more difficult a course is for a high handicap golfer versus a lower one. For example, if you have two courses that each have a course rating of 72, they should be the same difficulty for a scratch golfer.

How is a golf handicap determined?

How is a Handicap Index calculated? A. Once you have 20 scores in your scoring record, your Handicap Index is calculated by first averaging the best 8 Score Differentials out of your most recent 20 scores. Your 8 of 20 calculation is 3.0 or more strokes above your Low Handicap Index from the previous 365 days.
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What is the difference between slope and course rating?

Course Ratings represent the difficulty of a golf course for the scratch player under normal conditions. Slope Ratings represent the difference in difficulty for all other players, compared to the scratch player. Course Ratings are carried out by qualified teams, and assume normal course and weather conditions.

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