What Is The Compression Of A Titleist Velocity Golf Ball?

With the 65 compression rating on the Velocity, it’s not too soft for those used to tour soft performance balls like Pro V1 while being low enough for senior golfers to play with.

  • What Is the Compression of the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball Even though a golf ball feels completely solid to the touch, slow-motion cameras show that the ball compresses slightly upon contact with your club. This compression is part of the energy equation that propels the ball forward, and it is also something that you, like the golfer, can feel.

Is the Titleist Velocity a hard ball?

The Titleist Velocity was created for golfers who wanted a premium playable distance ball at an affordable price point. It’s hard to the touch and a little slippy which gives away the fact it’s a two-piece multi-layer ball unlike the Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x which are made from a 100% urethane cover.

What are the compression ratings for Titleist golf balls?

Lower compression golf balls, those with a roughly 80 and lower rating, tend to travel farther with less effort. They compress more on impact with the club and hence spring forward with more energy. And higher compression balls, with a rating of 100 or higher, are harder to get distance on but easier to control.

What is the lowest compression Titleist golf ball?

The Titleist TruFeel has the lowest compression ratings of any of the Titleist golf balls. For a slower swinging player, you can get lots of distance and plenty of feel around the green as well.

Is Titleist Velocity good for slow swing speed?

The most important thing about a golf ball for a slow swing speed golfer is the distance. You want this ball to roll for yards after it lands. Luckily the Titleist Velocity is designed to allow that. In addition to the low spin on the driver, you get a decent amount of short game and short iron spin.

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Is Titleist Velocity The longest ball?

Long Game Our data showed that the Velocity is the longest Titleist ball off the tee thanks to a high launch and lowest spin. Into greens with irons, it performs similar to Tour Soft and Pro V1.

What is the compression of a Titleist Pro V1 golf ball?

The three-piece Pro V1 still has a compression around 90 and its 352-dimple cover pattern helps to produce lower-spinning, lower-flying shots off the tee and with long irons.

What is compression of Titleist AVX?

The compression rate of the AVX is slightly lower than the other premium balls in the Titleist range at a rate of 80.

What is the compression of Titleist Tour Soft?

For the majority of senior golfers looking for a low compression golf ball, the Titleist Tour Soft is a great choice. It strikes a nice balance with a 65 compression rating that is low enough for most senior golfers, but not too soft for those that might be used to a Pro V1 or similar ball.

What is a 50 compression golf ball?

This lower compression golf ball (50, to be exact) is perfect for ladies who have slower swings. Lady Precept golf ball produces higher launch trajectories and lower spin, resulting in a great distance and longer carry.

What is a 90 compression golf ball?

A 90 or higher compression is a hard ball used for low handicap golfers. The golfer must hit the ball harder to get distance, but the high compression ball offers better control.

What is a 60 compression golf ball?

Modern golf balls do not feel the same as
the wound balls that were still in play not all that long ago. A 60-compression golf ball doesn’t “feel” the same as it used to. Simply put, a golf ball may rate as a 60 in one test, a 70 in another, and a 55 in another.

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Is Titleist Velocity a good ball for seniors?

Vivid colors, high visibility, matte finish – good enough reasons for seniors to purchase Volvik Vivid, along with 342 dimple pattern for a controlled ball flight. Great value, soft feel, advanced core technology – a high-end golf ball minus the high price and perfect for beginners and intermediates.

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