What Is Lag In Golf?

Effectively, lag is shorthand for the angle between the club, wrists and arms. It’s formed by having the correct order of the arms, wrists and club head as the club come around into impact.

What creates lag in a golf swing?

Creating lag is essentially, maintaining a wrist bend throughout the downswing. Bent wrists will, almost, guarantee that the club will lag back behind the hands.

Is lag good in a golf swing?

Lag is more than good in the golf swing – it is essential. This is especially true if you wish to generate high clubhead speed; improve the quality of your ball-striking; and maximise your distance off the tee. Every great golfer creates lag in their swing.

How can I make my driver lag?

Two more downswing thoughts to create lag properly: (1) Always start down with your lower body; lead foot pressing into the ground and the hips unwinding toward the target. (2) Keep your lead arm connected to your chest. Feel like the arms are being pulled into impact by your body rotation.

What is lag shot?

The Lag Shot is a swing training aid with the length, loft, and weight of a standard 7 iron. It can be used both for practice swings and to hit balls with. What differentiates the training aid from a regular club, however, is the bright blue whippy shaft.

How do I not lag?

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