What Is Golf Slope Rating?


  • A golf course’s slope rating is a mathematical representation of the course’s difficulty. USGA par rating is taken into account as well as the projected score of a higher handicap player when calculating the course’s Slope rating. In order to calculate the men’s slope rating, multiply the difference between the two numbers by 5.381.

How does the slope rating work in golf?

Slope Ratings are described by the USGA as indicating the “ measurement of the relative playing difficulty of a course for players who are not scratch golfers, compared to scratch golfers ”. The higher the Slope Rating, the greater the difference expected between the scores of those scratch and bogey golfers.

What slope rating should I play?

If you are playing a course with a slope in the 130’s, you might want to aim for something under 95 as opposed to 90. On the other hand, a course with a slope in the low 100’s may allow you to aim for an 85 – or even lower.

What is a high slope rating in golf?

The higher the slope number, the harder the course is for the bogey golfer relative to the difficulty of the course for the scratch golfer. Slope numbers can range anywhere between 55 and 155 with the average slope in the United States being 120. (The scratch rating is the same as the course rating).

What is the easiest slope rating in golf?

So a par-72 course that is easy might have a course rating of 68.9, while one that is difficult might have a rating of 74.5. That means a scratch golfer would be expected to average 68.9 at the easier course and 74.5 on the more difficult one. The minimum slope rating is 55 and the maximum is 155.

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What is the slope rating of St Andrews?

A golf course of standard playing difficulty has a Slope Rating of 113.

What does a slope rating of 125 mean?

1a – Two courses with the same Slope are of equal difficulty. Wrong! A course with a rating of 71.5/125 is about two strokes more difficult than a course with a rating of 69.6/125 at every handicap level.

What is the rule of 85 in golf?

The rule of 85 is explained as a simple maths equation to determine what tee position you should hit from. The 85 golf rule formula is that if your age + current handicap is greater or equal to 85 then you should use the senior tees or the next closest set of tees.

How does slope rating affect handicap?

and Slope Ratings allow the handicap system to reflect this, enabling golfers of differing abilities to play together and have a fair and enjoyable game. Course Ratings represent the difficulty of a golf course for the scratch player under normal conditions.

What does a Slope Rating of 130 mean?

From Tom’s tees, a slope of 130 gives him a 12 Course Handicap. Mary gets one stroke PLUS the difference between the course ratings, or 73.2 – 71.1 = 2.1. Rounded to the nearest whole number (. 5 or more is rounded up).

What is a hard Slope Rating?

What is a hard slope rating? If we know that the average slope rating of a golf course is 113, we can deduce that any golf course with a slope rating higher than 113 is more difficult than the average course. Don’t be intimidated if you see a slope rating that is above 113.

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Is a Slope Rating of 135 hard?

A course with a Slope Rating of 135 is not necessarily more difficult than a course with a Slope Rating of 113. Add your Course Handicap to the USGA Course Rating of that same set of tees.

Which course in UK has highest slope rating?

The Albatros Course has a hefty slope rating of 155, which is the highest slope rating a course can receive.

How is slope rating calculated?

You calculate slope rating by finding the bogey rating, which is like the course rating, but measured for a bogey golfer. Then subtract the course rating from that figure. Then multiply that figure by 5.381 for men and 4.24 for women. Then round up to the nearest whole number.

What is the slope rating of Carnoustie?

Carnoustie has a Course Rating of 75.1 and a Slope Rating of 145 from the regular (yellow) tees, making it officially the hardest course in Scotland. (St. Andrews, by comparison, is 72.1/129, Royal Troon is 73.2/134, Muirfield is 73.0/133 and Turnberry is 75.3/133.)

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