What Is Fade In Golf?


  • In golf, a fade is a type of controlled golf shot where the golfer shapes the shot toward their given target, like the fairway or the flagstick on the putting green. Fades curve from left to right for right-handed golfers and right to left for lefties. A fade is one of two predominant golf shot types used by golfers on each swing.

What is a draw and what is a fade in golf?

In golf, draws and fades are types of shots that control the movement of the golf ball. A draw, for a right-handed golfer, is a shot that curves from a player’s right to their left. A fade moves from left to right.

Is it better to hit a fade or draw?

“Provided the ball speed, launch angle and spin rate are the same, a draw and fade will carry and roll the same distance. However, from a practical perspective, most club golfers will hit a draw further than a fade, because when they hit a draw they reduce the loft, leading to lower spin rates.

Does Tiger Woods hit a draw or fade?

Except when he was working on a flat-plane fade. And through all this, he still maintains that his natural shot is a slight draw. These days, he appears to be going with a flattish, single-plane swing that allows him to fade his driver, draw his 3 wood, and work the ball around with his irons.

Is a fade a slice?

A “fade,” which is also known as a slice that still finds the fairway, can produce a long drive that has just enough backspin to prevent the ball from rolling away from you and into the rough. Let’s take a look at how to control a slice —to turn it into a fade with a few simple steps.

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Why does Dustin Johnson hit a fade?

It’s sometimes indiscernible, but Johnson typically sets up aligned slightly left—or open— in relation to the target line (above). That alters his swing just enough to keep the clubface a little open in relation to his swing path at impact, and that’s what makes the ball fade.

Why can’t I hit a fade?

An easy way to hit a fade with driver is to tee the ball down and move it back to the middle of your stance. If you find you’re unable to fade the ball with driver by simply changing your ball position, try opening up your stance a bit more as this will further aid your ability to create a left-to-right ball flight.

Why do pros hit fades?

Spin loft is exemplified as golfers find themselves much more accurate with their wedges than their driver. More spin equals more stability, and this leads us to why professional players opt for their fade.

What causes a fade?

Basically, a fade occurs when the clubface is open to the swing path through impact. In other words, for right-handers, the face is looking to the right of the swing-path when contact with the golf ball is made. When you’re swinging more left that the direction the clubface is pointing, the ball will fade.

Should I play a fade?

Some will argue that the fade is better because it provides more control, and can offer a softer landing. Others will say the draw is superior because the ball with travel farther, and cut through the wind more effectively. Here’s my answer after playing both shots myself.

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Why do pros hit a draw?

The main reason why a draw is useful comes down to the technical make up of the golf shot. To hit a draw, the swing must be attacking the golf ball from the inside with the club face open to the target, and closed to the swing path. That is one of the reason golf pros play the draw shot more often.

What does it mean to cut the ball in golf?

A cut shot, or fade, is when your right-handed swing sends the golf ball to the right, or to the left for left-handed golfers. Working the ball in either direction is essential to reducing your score for a round of golf.

What is the difference between a cut and a fade?

In golf, “cut shot” is a term applied to a type of controlled golf shot in which a golfer induces a fade ball flight. “Fade” is a term applied to any moderate left-to-right ball movement (for a right-hander) in flight.

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