What Is A Hosel On A Golf Club?

Definition of hosel : a socket in the head of a golf club into which the shaft is inserted.


  • The “hosel” is the place on a golf club where the shaft is connected to the clubhead. Typically, the hosel is part of the clubhead, and the shaft slides into the hosel and is secured with epoxy. Clubs are comprised of three basic parts: the clubhead, the shaft and the grip.

What’s the hosel on golf club?

Hosel: The club’s hosel is the cylindrical portion that connects the rest of the clubhead with the shaft. The hosel is typically hollow, allowing the tip section of the shaft to fit inside.

What causes hosel shots?

Not having your weight evenly distributed to your heels causes the over the top motion which creates the hosel shank. Practice this shot with a pitching wedge or short iron as this is where the horrific shot most often occurs.

What is the purpose of a ferrule on a golf club?

Golf Club Components: Clubhead Ferrule The ferrule is an optional piece of the clubhead that covers the connection between hosel and shaft. The hosel is tapered to blend the shaft and hosel into a more seamless look at address. They are often glued together and then the ferrule encircles that connection.

How does adjustable hosel work?

How Do Adjustable Hosels Work? Most loft and lie adjustments are located in the hosel and are made by releasing a screw that connects the shaft to the club head and moving the clubhead to a new, pre-determined setting.

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Why am I shanking my irons all of a sudden?

You will often shank a golf shot because your hands are farther away from your body at impact than they were at address. Check how far away from the ball you stand. If you are standing too close, the swing angle will be disrupted, you will lift the club on the downswing and possibly hit a shank.

Do golf irons need ferrules?

Almost all modern clubs are designed to require a ferrule. Any club that has a clubhead with a neck that ends abruptly, almost all clubs have this, require a ferrule. Some older clubs have a tapered neck which means they fit the shaft in a really flush way.

Why do Ping irons have a notch in the hosel?

The hosels have a notch which some may think is to facilitate your local club fitter in adjusting lofts and lies. It’s actually there to reduce weight in the hosel for relocation into the clubhead itself to add to the solid feel at impact.

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