What Is A Golf Cart Community?

A golf cart community is a place where you can get from point A to point B by taking your golf cart. Some golf cart communities will have a rule that no cars are allowed, and you can only drive your cart.


  • A golf cart community is a place where you can get from point A to point B by taking your golf cart. Some golf cart communities will have a rule that no cars are allowed, and you can only drive your cart. Others will have a mix of carts and cars, and people will choose which they find to be the most convenient for their needs.

Why do old people drive golf carts?

For some elderly drivers, golf carts are a safer transportation option. It allows them to maintain their freedom and get out and about without having to drive a car at high speeds or deal with heavy traffic. Many seniors simply feel more comfortable behind the wheel of a slow-moving, easy-to-maneuver golf cart.

What is a golf cart classified as?

According to California Vehicle Code, a golf cart is defined as a “ motor vehicle having not less than three wheels in contact with the ground, having an unladen weight less than 1,300 pounds, which is designed to be and is operated at not more than 15 miles per hour and designed to carry golf equipment and not more

What do you call a golf cart driver?

A golf cart attendant is responsible for assisting guests at a golf or country club as they operate golf carts. You may also pick up the golf balls used at the club’s driving range using a specialized cart.

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Why are golf carts so popular?

There are even multiple golf cart dealers in town. Like smart cars, the agile imports that Europeans adore for their ability to squeeze into tight spaces, golf carts are easier on the environment. (They also share some of the safety hazards that come along with smaller cars sharing the road in a Hummer-sized world.)

Are golf carts street legal?

In all states, a Street Legal Golf Cart must be operated by a licensed driver. Below we’ve listed the federal requirements that each street legal and and low speed vehicle must have: Working lights: Head, brake, and tail lights with turn signals. DOT approved tires, windshield wiper and seat belts.

Is a golf cart considered an electric vehicle?

According to the law, a golf cart is a vehicle that is intended to be driven on a golf course and should not exceed a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. The driver needs a valid driver’s license, registration, and vehicle insurance. Still, a golf cart is a motorized vehicle.

Is a golf cart considered a LSV?

What’s the difference between a golf cart and a NEV / LSV? There are two main things that distinguish a golf cart from a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), sometimes referred to as a Low-Speed Vehicle or LSV: – The maximum speed of a golf cart is 15mph. – An NEV / LSV must go 25mph or more.

What is a golf cart girl called?

A golf course beverage cart attendant, commonly referred to as the beer cart driver, delivers drinks and snacks to golfers. Beverage cart attendants are typically girls and the beverage of choice for golfers is often beer – thus the job title beer cart.

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Why are golf carts so expensive?

The reason why golf carts can seem expensive is because of the additional items they include for safety reasons. These additional add ons such as headlights, brake lights, turn signals, seat belts and other items are not typically installed at a manufacturing plant.

What does a caddy girl do?

Caddies are expected to track their player’s ball, rake the sand traps, tend the flagstick and give yardages and advice if the player asks. Over time, young caddies learn to read the speed and break of the greens and the yardages from various places on the course to the front, middle and back of each green.

Why are golf carts 2021 expensive?

High demand, low inventory and higher prices for parts has resulted in the price of golf carts to go up significantly.

Are golf carts a good investment?

Many first-time buyers are surprised by the price of golf carts relative to more mainstream vehicles. Golf carts are not cheap! All the more reason to do your due diligence to help increase the chances that the cart you get will end up being a good investment for your money and lifestyle.

Should you get a golf cart?

With a multitude of uses, a golf cart can be so beneficial to you. Whether you’ll be using it strictly for golf, hauling feed around your farm or simply riding around your neighborhood or retirement community, a golf cart can truly make life sweet! Golf carts, new and used, are very affordable all around.

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