What Is A 3 Finger Golf Shot?

A relaxed swing of the golf club. Rather than gripping the club with all the fingers in your left hand, take your baby off the grip, only gripping with 3 fingers. Reduce your grip pressure as much as you can.

How to hit a fade golf shot?

  • When you hit a fade, the ball first travels straight toward the target, then curves right on its descent. This means you should only use this type of golf shot when a rightward curve is beneficial. You should also aim slightly to the left of where you want the ball to land.

What is a 3 finger 8 iron?

The caddie confirms it. “They have their little system of holding up fingers when it’s three through pitching wedge,” she said. “ Three fingers down if it’s an 8 iron, or one finger down if it’s a 6 iron, or three fingers up if it’s a 3 iron. “It’s helpful.

Why do draws go further than fades?

More loft and steeper attack angle produces more spin loft. Higher spin loft means more spin and a less efficient transfer of speed-producing energy to the ball. And more spin means the ball will stop more quickly after it lands. The result: a draw will generally travel further than a fade.

How tight should you grip the golf club?

You should be holding the golf club with the same pressure you would hold a small bird: tight enough so it doesn’t fly away, but soft enough so you don’t crush it. You don’t want to choke your club to death.

Do golfers get trigger finger?

Golfers experience trigger finger injury commonly due to the repeated gripping and swinging of the club. This repetitive motion without the proper precautions and treatments can lead to chronic golf trigger finger. Golf requires a specific grip on the club and a repetitive swinging motion.

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How does Jordan Spieth grip the golf club?

Spieth uses what is best described as a reverse overlap grip. He overlaps the wrong finger and half-interlocks, as Golf Digest’s Matt Rudy describes: Jordan’s is closer to a 10-finger baseball grip: His left index finger is sitting on top of the right hand and almost coming off the club as a result.

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