What Insurance Group Is A Vw Golf?

Tax and insurance groups for your Volkswagen Golf

Model Insurance Group Tax Band
Volkswagen Golf Match 2.0 TDI 150PS 5d 18 G
Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI R-Line Edition 3d 20 C
Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0 TSI BMT 230PS 32 H
Volkswagen Golf R 2.0 TSI BMT 310PS 4Motion 39 J


Is a VW Golf expensive to insure?

The cost of insuring a Golf can vary wildly, too – from cheerfully cheap to eye-wateringly expensive. If you want to insure a sporty Golf GTI, you could end up paying as much as would with an Audi TT Coupe or a BMW Z3 Sport Convertible. But many Golfs are affordable to insure.

What insurance group is a VW Golf R?

Insurance group The Golf R falls into group 29, compared to group 36 for the Audi S3. Of course, your individual risk profile is a key factor in calculating your annual premium, but so too is the insurance group your car falls into.

What insurance group is a Volkswagen up?

The Volkswagen Up! belongs to insurance groups 1-10, depending on the model, which is great news for your insurance.

Which golf is cheapest insurance?

The estate and hatchback VW Golfs are generally cheaper to insure, while the R Cabriolet and the GTI cost the most, since they offer the most power and speed.

Is a Volkswagen Golf a good first car?

If you’ve got a teenager who needs a first car, or you are a teenager and you’re looking for a great set of first wheels, the Volkswagen Golf is your best option. Inside the Golf you’ll find high-tech features and comfortable seats for the driver and any passengers.

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What insurance group is a 17 year old?

The best insurance group for a 17 year old is insurance group 1 and 2. Even then insurance is going to be pretty expensive for a 17 year so it’s important to do plenty of research before buying.

What is a Group 1 car?

Cars found in Group 1 are normally the cheapest to insure, because they score well on the series of factors used to calculate the groups. These cars are usually some of the cheapest to buy, but, just as importantly, are also some of the cheapest to repair if they’re damaged in an accident.

What insurance group is BMW 1 Series?

The BMW 1 Series occupies insurance groups 21 to 36, with the 116d and M135i bookending this range.

What insurance group is RS3?

Audi RS3 models belong to insurance group 40, meaning they will fall on the expensive side.

What insurance group is Citroen C1?

Insurance. A small, low-powered petrol engine keeps insurance costs low for the Citroen C1 – putting it in insurance group six.

Is the VW up good on the motorway?

The Volkswagen up! is more sophisticated than its size and looks suggest. It’s comfortable, feels stable on the road and is enjoyable to drive. It’s designed to work in town, but it’s not overwhelmed by or underpowered for the occasional motorway trip, although the long gearing does make it hard work.

What insurance group is a Suzuki Swift?

The Suzuki Swift belongs in group 9-23, depending on which model you go for.

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