What Happened To Adams Golf?

In 2012, Adams Golf was acquired by TaylorMade Golf (which was owned by Adidas by then) for USD 10.80 per share in cash (roughly 70 million). Nevertheless, by 2016 the Adams brand had lost market position, with some media considering it “an afterthought” at TaylorMade.


  • Adams Golf, Inc. was an American sports equipment manufacturing company based in Plano, Texas, focused on the golf equipment market. The company produced golf equipment (more specifically clubs). In 2012 it was acquired by TaylorMade (owned by Adidas), becoming one of its brands.

Why did Adams Golf go out of business?

The plan that Adidas and TaylorMade had for Adams did not quite work out. They took some of the technologies Adams had and used them to expand the technology TaylorMade had developed through the years. TaylorMade started growing so substantially that they essentially shut down the Adams golf brand.

Is Adams Golf coming back?

Adams is Never Coming Back.

Does Adams Golf make irons anymore?

Adams to TaylorMade TaylorMade, for its part, received access to several patents related to slot technology in clubheads, which it used expertly in its RocketBallz line of clubs. Unfortunately, the Adams brand has gotten lost over time and now is a mere afterthought at TaylorMade.

Who purchased Adams Golf?

TaylorMade acquired Adams Golf for $70 million in 2012, but that play wasn’t so much about furthering the Adams legacy, but rather acquiring some proprietary technology and eliminating a strong competitor.

Who owns Adams Golf now?

In 2012, Adams Golf was acquired by TaylorMade Golf (which was owned by Adidas by then) for USD 10.80 per share in cash (roughly 70 million).

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Is Adams still owned by TaylorMade?

The answer is yes, the company does. In 2012, TaylorMade bought all the outstanding shares of the brand for about $70 million which came out to $10.80 per share. Technically Adams Golf isn’t in business as their own entity but they still operate with TaylorMade.

Are Adams Tight Lies any good?

I started my testing of the Adams Tight Lies fairway wood on the range without a launch monitor. Looking at accuracy, the Tight Lies FW is slightly draw biased, but it’s not a hook machine. I had no issues hitting the ball straight or even creating a nice cut.

Are Adams Idea golf clubs any good?

BOTTOM LINE: The Idea Tech is a well-blended, highly forgiving hybrid-iron set that should be a good match for players seeking straight, high-trajectory shots.

Are Adams Tight Lies good for beginners?

Another major point for the Adam Tight Lies Fairway Wood is that it is very forgiving. For beginners or people who have a difficult time out on the fairway, this wood gives more stability to the ball.

Are Adams Golf clubs good beginners?

Key Features & Benefits. What is this? The key benefits of the Adams Men’s Tight Lies Plus 1312 set are that they are built with high quality graphite shafts. This is beneficial to beginners as you will garner more distance and ball speed from a graphite shaft with more flex than a steel shaft.

Does Adams Golf make a driver?

The new Adams Blue driver and fairway woods feature Adams’ Easy Launch System, which is made up of three features that help get the ball airborne more easily. The first part of the system is a Velocity Slot in the sole of the clubhead for more face flex and ball speed.

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Is TaylorMade Adidas?

It was still owned by Adidas, which acquired TaylorMade in 1997 when it bought ski brand Salomon. Nike halted making all clubs and balls in 2016, and Adidas sold off TaylorMade to private equity firm KPS Capital Partners in 2017.

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