What Golf Shaft Do I Need?

– Golf Shaft Flex Chart

Carry Distance Swing Speed Flex
Under 200 yards Under 75 mph Ladies or Senior
200 to 240 yards 75 to 95 mph Regular
240 to 275 yards 95 to 110 mph Stiff
Over 275 yards Over 110 mph Stiff or Extra Stiff

What type of golf club shaft should I use?

Determining which golf shaft flex your need (stiff, regular, senior, etc.) Start by using a launch monitor to analyze your golf swing speed. If your swing ranges between 85 mph and 95 mph then you should start with a regular flex. If your swing speed is faster than 95 mph, then you should try a stiff shaft.

What swing speed requires a stiff shaft?

In general, golfers with driver swing speeds over 95 mph should play stiff flex shafts, and those under 95 mph should play regular flex. Shafts also come in extra stiff (105+ mph) and senior flex (under 85 mph).

What weight golf shaft should I use?

In general, golfers with slower swing speed and tempo can and should play a lighter shaft. Golfers with very fast speeds and tempo should play heavier shafts. Driver shafts typically weigh 55-60 grams for men and 45-50 grams for ladies. Iron shafts can be as light as 55 grams in graphite, and 130 grams in steel.

How do I know if I need a stiff shaft?

When To Move To A Stiffer Shaft?

  1. Feels ‘whippy’ in your hands.
  2. Feels too light.
  3. Your ball is ballooning in the air.
  4. Your ball is behind your pitch mark when you hit your driver.
  5. You ball spins to much on the greens when you approach with your irons.
  6. Your accuracy has dropped.
  7. You start hitting hooks.
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How do I know what flex golf shaft I need?

Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Take a look at the distance you hit your driver.
  2. If you have a very smooth swing, you might benefit from a softer flex even if you swing fast.
  3. If your drives go left, you might benefit from a stiffer flex; if your drives go right, you might benefit from a softer flex.

What flex should my irons be?

If you’re between 97 and 104 mph with the driver, you need a stiff flex. Between 72 and 83 mph signifies you need to be hitting senior flex. Ladies – By no means do all women’s golfers will fall in this category, but this is where many of the recreational women’s players find themselves.

How fast should you swing a 7 iron?

An average golfer will swing a seven iron about 75 mph. This number can change based on the weight of the club and if it is steel or graphite. The faster you swing a seven iron, the further it will go. If you can swing at about 85 mph, you will see distances closer to 165 yards.

How can I test my swing speed at home?

There only truly accurate way to find out your swing speed is to measure it on a launch monitor as you hit balls out onto a range. Male tour professionals swing in the 115-120 mph range while average amateurs fall closer to the 80-85mph range.

What happens if your iron shafts are too soft?

It also will be hard to square the clubhead at impact, meaning you will have a tendency to hit your shots to the right. “Play the most flexible shaft you can control,” said Scott Hennessey, president of True Temper shafts. “If it’s too soft, you’ll spray the ball all over the place. ”

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Does 10 grams make a difference in golf shaft?

10 grams may not sound like a big deal, but during the golf swing, it can make a big difference. This weight can make a big difference to feel, clubhead speed and dispersion (the accuracy of your drives).

Does 10 grams make a difference in golf iron shaft?

In our iron test, we routinely saw a 10 or 20 gram change in shaft weight produce distance variations of 8-10 yards. You could possibly be a full club longer by finding the right shaft weight! Accuracy improvements were similarly impressive.

Is a 70 gram driver shaft too heavy?

A 70-gram driver shaft is considered to be pretty heavy but not the heaviest. It falls into the middle but is still on the heavier side when you consider you could go with 50 or 60 grams instead. Those 10 grams sometimes make a significant difference.

Is Stiff flex good for beginners?

Beginners may acquire clubs from friends or family and not consider the flex of their shafts. Shaft options include senior, ladies, regular, firm, stiff, x-stiff. Length – shafts can be cut different lengths – for most beginners, standard length is fine, unless you are an abnormal height.

Do all pros use stiff shafts?

Most PGA Tour pros will use stiff or extra stiff in their shafts. It is rare to find someone swinging a regular shaft with the amount of swing speed those guys have.

Are stiff shafts good for beginners?

With the proper fit, the new golfer can learn without making compensations for clubs that are too stiff or too flexible. In general, the faster a golfer’s swing speed the stiffer a golf shaft should be in order to provide more control over the ball’s flight.

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