What Does Strokes Gained Mean In Golf?

Strokes gained is a way of analysing a player’s performance level when comparing every aspect of their performance with other players within a particular dataset. It measures the golfer’s performance, taking into account, the hole length, shot length, lie type of every shot and putt during a round of golf.

Are strokes gained good?

The PGA Tour website acknowledges that; Strokes gained is a better method for measuring performance because it compares a player’s performance to the rest of the field and because it can isolate individual aspects of the game.

How do they work out strokes gained?

Strokes gained is worked out by knowing the average number of shots players take to finish the hole from any position on the golf course. Baseline strokes gained numbers have been generated based off Tour players and their performance, and these are used to calculate strokes gained for any future shots.

Is strokes gained per round?

A player’s strokes gained statistics for the round are the sum of his strokes gained and lost on all 18 holes.

What is strokes gained tee to green?

From PGATour.com, the definition of the strokes gained tee to green is this: the per round average of strokes the player was better or worse than the field average on the same course and event, minus the strokes gained putting value.

How are strokes gained off-the-tee calculated?

Strokes Gained: Tee-to-Green is perhaps the best metric of them all. It’s essentially Total Strokes Gained — which is the sum of off-the-tee, approach, around- the-green and putting — minus putting.

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What is bogey avoidance?

Bogey avoidance measures the percentage of time a player makes a bogey or worse. Simpson and Russell Henley are currently tied on tour for the lowest bogey percentage.

Does shot scope do strokes gained?

Shot Scope adds Strokes Gained data to its shot-tracking/performance package. Phase One introduced this past week includes Strokes Data comparison to Tour. Hole-by-hole analytics and other info will be rolled out in Phase Two this spring.

Are negative strokes gained good?

The first thing to understand is that a strokes gained value is either positive or negative. A positive value means the stroke was better than the benchmark, and a negative value means the stroke was worse than the benchmark.

Where are most strokes lost in golf?

From 150 yards in the fairway, 90-golfers hit half of their shots within 56 feet of the hole compared to 42 feet for 80-golfers (and 23 feet for pros). Those huge differences in execution, combined with the large number of opportunities, explain the critical importance of shrinking your approach-shot pattern.

What are the most important stats in golf?

The top six are: SG/approach the green, SG/off-the-tee, scoring average, SG/total, SG/around the green, and SG/tee-to-green. Again, this all stands to reason and functions as good quality control.

What does t2 mean in golf?

Players often keep their cumulative score for an entire round by tracking how many shots over or under they are relative to par. If a golfer makes two pars to start a round, he is “even par” for the round. If a player opens with two birdies, he is “ two under” for the round.

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