What Does Dormie Mean In Golf?

Definition of dormie : being ahead by as many holes in golf as remain to be played in match play.


  • ” Dormir ” means “to sleep.” “Dormie” means that a golfer has reached a match-play lead that is insurmountable (at least in matches in which halves are in use), and so the player can, in a manner of speaking, relax, knowing that he cannot lose the match. ” Dormir ” (to sleep) turns into “dormie” (relax, you can’t lose).

Where does the golf term dormie come from?

‘ Historically, the term dormie is derived from the French/Latin cognate ‘dormir,’ meaning ‘to sleep,’ suggesting that a player who is ‘dormie’ can relax (literally, go to sleep) without fear of losing the match.

Who is dormie in a golf match?

“Dormie” is a match play term in golf that applies when one of the golfers or sides in the match achieves a lead that equals the number of holes remaining. For exampke, 2-up with two holes to play, 3-up with three holes to play, 4-up with four holes to play — all are examples of a match that is dormie.

Is dormie still used in golf?

– “Dormie,” the match play term long used to represent leading or trailing a match by the same number of holes remaining, has been removed from the Rules of Golf.

Why was dormie removed from Rules of Golf?

Under the new rules of golf, television technically is using the proper lingo while the PGA Tour is using the old descriptions. Sadly, “dormie” has been dropped from the rules of golf, perhaps less due to its lack of accessibility and more to its relative uselessness.

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Why don’t they say all square anymore?

As part of the massive overhaul in the Rules of Golf, the USGA and R&A decided to change the vocabulary used to describe match-play status. An “all square” match is now “tied.” There’s no such thing as a “halve” of a hole or a match; it’s now a “tie.”

How much is a dormie Network membership?

When our members stay on property we want them to enjoy the best experience they possibly can.” And the numbers might surprise you: the one-off initiation fee to join the Dormie Network is $10,000, with annual dues of $6,000 or $500 a month.

What does Door me mean in golf?

Dormie – meaning and origin. For a player or foursome partners to be ‘dormie’ in matchplay is to be as many holes up as there as holes remaining, ie a half at any hole is good enough to win the match.

What was a stymie in golf?

A stymie is an obsolete rule in the sport of golf. It legislated for the situation where a player’s ball lay behind or blocked by another player’s ball; the blocked player was not afforded relief. Various changes to the stymie rule were enacted in 1938 and 1941.

What does Dormy House mean?

Definition of dormie house British.: a building with dormitory accommodations operated by a golf club for lodging members overnight.

What happens if you halve match play?

Halved Matches Aren’t Always Possible in Match Play In those events, golfers win points for their team by winning a match. If the match finishes tied, or halved, then each side is awarded a half-point. But think of a match-play bracket, in which golfers have to win the match to advance to the next round.

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Can you tie in match play?

Breaking a Tie In most match-play competitions, extra holes will be played until somebody wins one hole and the match. For example, if players A and B were tied after 18 holes and it took three more holes for A to win, the result would be that Player A won in 21 holes.

What does all square mean in golf?

Essentially, match play scoring tells golfers and spectators not how many holes each golfer has won, but how many more holes than his opponent the golfer in the lead has won. If the match is tied, it is said to be “all square.” (On leaderboards and in television graphics, all square is often abbreviated as “AS.”)

What is Cara banks doing now?

Currently she serves as a studio host for Golf Central and hosts the network’s Golf Central Live From news programming on-site at golf’s major championships and biggest events.

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