What Causes A Pull In Golf?

A pull is a shot that starts to the left of the target and continues to go that way. It doesn’t curve, it just goes straight to the left. The impact conditions that cause a pull are a swing path that goes across the ball (outside-in) and a face angle that is aimed in the same direction as the path.

What causes to pull a golf shot?

Pulling your shots is typically caused by hitting the ball over the top or shutting your clubface early during your swing. If this is the case, you are no doubt frustrated by your shots landing in water, the bunkers, and other hazards.

What causes a pull hook?

Pull hooks results from an over-the-top (or outside-to-inside) swing path paired with a closed, quickly rotating clubface. By contrast, slices occur when the same outside-in path is paired with an open clubface, imparting left-to-right spin.

Why am I pulling my drives to the left?

If it’s a pull, there are two likely reasons why the ball is starting left: 1) your body and clubface are aimed left of the target at address, which promotes an out-to-in path; or 2) you’re aiming properly but the clubface is closed too much at the point of contact.

Why am I pulling my irons shots left?

The most common reason for a consistent pull is a poor ball position. If your alignment is good, check your ball position and if it is too far forward set it further back in your stance and that should help.

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