What Are Game Improvement Golf Clubs?

Game improvement irons are golf clubs designed to get players more distance and lots of forgiveness. They are usually cavity back type irons with a larger club head and larger sweet spot.


  • The object of the game is to hit straighter and farther, so clubs designed with that in mind are called game improvement golf clubs. The primary characteristics of a game improvement club are perimeter weighting—typically a caivty back, a large sweet spot, and a low center of gravity.

What are game improvement irons in golf?

Game improvement irons are a type of iron built around helping golfers hit the ball further, higher and straighter. As such they are one of the most forgiving iron categories in golf because they traditionally suit players who need help with those factors.

Are game improvement irons worth it?

Game-improvement irons are simply more forgiving and provide greater cushion on your mishits. The goal with your irons is to hit them as accurately as possible, and blade-like irons, while great for shaping shots and hitting exact trajectories, tend to expose even small mis-strikes.

Who should use game improvement irons?

Game-improvement irons are good choice if you: Are a beginning or inexperienced golfer. Have experience but typically shoot 85 or higher. Only occasionally hit a shot on the sweet spot.

What is the downside of game improvement irons?

Cons. Lower side spin and a straighter ball flight reduce a player’s ability to shape their shots. Game improvement iron heads are chunkier than forged irons which many lower handicappers and Pro’s may disapprove of. These irons do not have great turf interaction abilities.

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What do game improvement irons look like?

Game improvement irons are golf clubs designed to get players more distance and lots of forgiveness. They are usually cavity back type irons with a larger club head and larger sweet spot.

Why do pros not use game improvement irons?

Most golf professionals do not use game improvement irons. They find that they don’t need the added forgiveness and distance, and the overall look of the club is a bit too big and bulky.

Are game improvement irons easier to hit?

Game improvement irons were large and clunky but easier to hit. Both types of club have improved so much that it’s at times difficult to tell the difference between them. Players clubs now offer wider top lines and larger heads.

Do game improvement irons go further?

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the lofts will vary from set to set the further you go toward the game improvement irons, the more of a distance gap you will see between each set.

Why do pros use less forgiving irons?

Less twisting when using forgiving irons leads to straighter ball flights but hitting the ball straight is not always preferable for all golfers, notably professional golfers. They want to be able to shape the ball flight and irons with a lower moment of inertia can cater for that.

Should I buy oversized irons?

So there’s nothing wrong with oversized golf irons but they’re not just for everybody. What I would suggest is try out two different styles of club; try a big oversized, try a slightly smaller profile; a club that gives you a bit more feel and see which one suits your game the best.

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Can pro golfers use cavity back irons?

Jim Furyk is among the majority of PGA Tour players who swing cavity-back irons. For most of golf’s history, irons were fairly uniform, the equivalent of what are now called blades. Instead, the typical golfer uses more forgiving cavity-back irons. Among professional golfers, however, you’ll find a mix of irons.

Do blades go further than game improvement irons?

Comparing Game Improvement Irons Vs Blade On Distance. Mid to high handicappers will likely hit game improvement irons further. Because even on mishits, they will achieve a consistent distance.

Are there forged game improvement irons?

There are forged sets designed for game improvement and cast-iron sets made specifically for professionals.

Can a high handicapper play with blades?

It’s generally not recommended that high-handicappers use blades. They are less forgiving when it comes to off-centre strikes, meaning they will be much harder to use for beginner players who often struggle to control the low-point of their swing, and also their club-face direction and swing path.

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