How To Use Your Hands In The Golf Swing?

  • The hands work up and down in the golf swing like a hammer motion. There is a point in the up motion of the hands where the wrists lock. Ths is our set point at the top of the swing. Then we snap the hands down to the point where they lock again in the down position creating a lot of leverage.

Do you use both hands in golf swing?

All right, so as I mentioned, there’s proponents out there that would recommend the golf swing as a right-hand motion. That is correct, it’s actually both arms.

Should I turn my wrists in golf swing?

In the golf swing, the movement in the wrists is incredibly important for both the distance and direction of a shot. That being said, it’s an important part of the swing that, if done properly, can really transform the way you hit the golf ball.

Do the arms lift in the backswing?

In making a full and powerful backswing, your arms lift about 90 degrees, swing across your chest about 15 degrees, and rotate open (clockwise) 90 degrees more. That’s a lot of movement! To make a proper backswing, start by lifting your arms.

Where should your hands be at the top of your backswing?

At the top of the backswing, the right elbow should be bent at slightly more than 90 degrees. The right wrist should also be bent at about 90 degrees so that the palm of the right hand faces directly at the sky (back of the hand is parallel to the ground. Your right elbow should be below the right shoulder.

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Do you pull with your left arm in golf swing?

You should pull the butt of the club toward the ball. Remember, this pulling down is done by the left arm. They not only pull the club into position but they must keep pulling all the way through the swing until the left hand is hip-high on the follow-through. When you pull all the way through, you will finish high.

Which hand is the power hand in the golf swing?

The left-hand dominant golf swing is known to be very powerful, and it will help correct some misses golfers have in their game. If you are a player who wants power and you like the classic methods of pulling the golf club through your swing, then left-hand dominance is the right idea for you.

Which hand is more dominant in golf?

The vast majority of golfers grossly over use the right hand in the swing. After all most golfers are right handed and “right sided”. They allow the strong right hand and side to dominate the swing.

What moves first in the golf swing?

In order to have the most efficient swing possible, the club head and shaft must move first to start your golf swing. I say club head and shaft because based on your current takeaway, FEELING one move first then the other may be more beneficial to you.

What is the most important thing in golf swing?

What’s the most important part of the golf swing? It’s a complicated question, considering the variety of factors that can contribute to things going wrong (or right) from backswing to follow-through. But as far as Jack Nicklaus is concerned, the most important thing happening is the first thing— the take-back.

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