How To Stop Raising Up In Golf Swing?

  • Spine Angle Drill This drill can be used to train your body to stop lifting up during your swing. Start by setting up to address as you normally would. Hold your club in front of your chest, with the grip end pointing forwards towards your target.

Why do I keep lifting up in golf swing?

Video Summary. One of the main causes of topping the golf ball is standing up during the backswing and / or the downswing. Even a slight straightening at the hips can cause you to top the ball so it’s really important that you maintain your posture throughout the swing.

Why do I stand up in downswing?

The downswing is somewhat similar to the backswing, in that the shoulders must again rotate 90 degrees to the spine. When the upper body pulls away from the ball coming down, this is called ‘coming out of your spine angle’ or ‘standing up. ‘ This can cause a lot of thin, fat, and toed shots.

How do I stop my head from going up and down in my golf swing?

Take a few practice swings with the grip against your forehead, and then hit a few balls with it. Then have your friend step away, and hit some balls pretending like you can still feel the grip. Go back to the grip drill after a few shots, and slowly you’ll start to shift away from being a chronic head-mover.

How do I stop lifting at impact?

A good way to stop standing up at impact is to focus on your head. Indeed, if the head is not allowed to rise or move at all vertically the upper body will be forced to move while keeping it in place. And in doing so, the spine angle should remain constant throughout the swing, which is one the things being sought.

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What causes high hands at impact?

There are a few different instances that can cause high hands at impact. Three of the more common issues are either A: an over the top swing and “throwing” your hands at the ball, B: lack of body rotation through impact, or C: getting tall with the body.

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