How To Stop Hooking Driver In Golf?

  • Let your chest and hips rotate forward until your shirt buttons and belt buckle point left of your target. This stops the clubface from flipping closed and will help keep your ball in play.” If you stop fearing the hook and start swinging all the way through, you’re going to spend a lot less time hunting for balls in the woods.

Why am I suddenly hooking my driver?

The better player hooks the ball for one primary reason—their swing direction is too much from in to out, or out to the right. The reality is that when you play the ball too far back in your stance, you’re more prone to hit down on the ball —with a swing direction that’s out to the right—causing the ball to hook.

What causes a hook in golf driver?

A true hook in golf is a shot that starts out to the right of your target (for right-handed players) or starts straight but then curves back to the left. This is caused by a combination of club path through impact and face alignment at impact.

Why am I pull hooking my irons?

The upper body obstructs or interferes with the club’s path to the ball. The most common reason players get stuck is, they don’t keep the arms and club in front of the chest as they turn back and through. When the club trails the upper body on the way down, the hands have to flip the clubhead over to recover.

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