How To Shallow Golf Swing?

To shallow the golf club, you need to use the trail arm and wrists to move the club shaft from a steep position to a shallow position, more horizontal to the ground. By dropping the trail arm and hinging the wrists at the top of the swing, this will cause the club to fall into a ‘shallower’ position.

Should you shallow your golf swing?

When you begin to shallow out your golf swing, you can generate so much more power and hit the ball much more consistently. Shallowing the club will also help with driving distance and most likely accuracy as well.

Is a flatter golf swing better?

The same thing applies to the golf swing—the flatter and more inclined the plane of the shaft is traveling down into the ball, the more distance the clubhead has to travel and the longer you’ll hit the ball.

Why is my golf swing so flat?

This can occur in a flat swing simply because you run out of room between your club and the ground before you ever get to impact. Flat swings use a shallow angle of attack to hit the ball, which is normally not a problem, but that shallow angle can lead to fat contact if your swing dips a bit from its normal position.

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