How To Set Time On Bushnell Golf Watch?

  • • After the watch is fully charged, turn on the watch (lower right button). • Go to Settings, select Set Time, sync by GPS (you must be outside to sync via GPS). The Bushnell Golf App is included with purchase of the iON2. The Bushnell Golf App provides you

How do you reset a Bushnell Golf watch?

– Hold down the bottom left-hand button and power button together for 15 seconds or until the unit switches off then turn it back on using power button. This will reboot the device and it will no longer be frozen. – The device is relatively sensitive to being ‘properly ejected’ after being plugged into a computer.

How do I update my Bushnell golf watch?

To perform a full sync connect your device to the computer, log in to and visit the ‘Device Setup’ page. Select the ‘Sync Device’ button and all front, center, back and custom point data will be updated on your device.
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How do I charge my Bushnell golf watch?

BEFORE USE: • Fully charge the battery by inserting the iON2 into the provided charging cradle (contacts on back of watch lined up with pins on left side of cradle) and connecting the cradle’s USB cable to your phone charger or PC. After the watch is fully charged, turn on the watch (lower right button).

How do you change the time on a Bushnell Neo XS?

To set a Tee Time, select Tee Time from the Golf Menu (Fig. 1). From the set Tee Time screen, press the SELECT Button (4) to activate the Hours field. Use the UP Button (3) and the DOWN Button (5) to toggle the time up and down.

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How do I set the time on my Garmin?

Setting the Time Manually

  1. Press Menu.
  2. Select Settings > System > Time > Time Source > Manual > Time.
  3. Select and. to set the hour, minutes, and AM or PM.
  4. Select.

How do I set my Garmin golf watch?

Pairing Your Smartphone

  1. From the app store on your smartphone, install and open the Garmin Golf app.
  2. Select an option to enable pairing mode on your device: •
  3. From the or menu in the app, select Garmin Devices > Add Device, and follow the instructions in the app to complete the pairing process.

How do I update my Bushnell ion?

You can now quickly and easily update an individual Course on your Bushnell Device – simply select ‘UPDATE GOLF COURSE’ (located at the top of the ‘MY DEVICE’ page), enter the name of the course in the Search Bar near the top and select the course from the dropdown list.

How do I change the settings on my Bushnell Tour V4?

MODE and UNIT OF MEASURE OPTIONS To select between yards and meters (starting with unit powered off), press and hold the POWER/FIRE button. After 7 seconds, the display will begin to cycle through the options: Yards or Meters (for details on the Slope feature, see “About Tour V4 Shift with Slope Technology”).

Why is my Bushnell not working?

Your Bushnell rangefinder has stopped working because it is probably just dirty and needs to be cleaned. You can clean your rangefinder by going into the menu settings and finding “clean.” The instructions will tell you how to proceed from there.

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Can you change the battery in a Bushnell Golf watch?

You can not change the battery. Do not attempt to open, disassemble or service the internal battery. The battery must be replaced by a qualified technician. If you suspect the battery is not working properly please contact Bushnell Golf support.

How do I turn my Bushnell watch off?

Press & hold (7 seconds) to power on/off. *Note: Backlight is activated with any button push. The backlight will remain lit for 10 seconds after last button push. Backlight is disabled in Play Golf Mode.

How long does it take to charge a Bushnell iON2?

How long does the Bushnell battery take to charge? Full charging time is estimated to be less three hours.

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