How To Rotate Hips In Golf Swing?

  • In a perfect swing, the hips should rotate from the setup position, 45-degrees away from the ball on the backswing. The shoulders ideally turn at 90-degrees to the top of the swing. Now, this is not possible for all golfers due to age, suppleness, or injury.

How can I improve my hip rotation in golf?

Use your hips to sit up tall over your front leg, using your hand for support as needed. Sit back down and rotate to the other side, so that the leg that was out to the side to start is now in front. Repeat this 10-12 times. The 90/90 stretch is an excellent exercise to do if you want to improve your hip mobility.

How much do the hips rotate in the golf swing?

To this: Hips at impact: 33 degrees open. Chest at impact: 23 degrees open. Shoulders at impact: Square (0 degrees)

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