How To Paint A Picture Of A Golf Ball?

  • How to paint a picture of a Golf ball Paint a solid color with spray paint. You can make a ball one solid color by placing it on the empty egg carton and spraying it with spray paint.

What do you paint a golf ball with?

You can use acrylic paint and paint brushes, or spray paint for a more solid look of one color. Depending on the design, you may need to gather a lot of golf balls. It’s better to have too many golf balls than not enough as you might want to change your design along the way.

Will paint stick to a golf ball?

When the golf ball is all clean and dry, you will need to take some sandpaper to rough up the surface. Paint needs something to stick to, and the glossy nature of the outside of a golf ball makes it hard for the paint to stick.

How do you color a golf ball?

Fill a 3-cup container with 2 cups boiling water. Make sure container is deep enough to cover the golf balls. Add 2 teaspoons dye and stir. The amount of dye used affects the shade of the golf ball.

How do you spray paint a ball?

How to spray paint Styrofoam balls

  1. Cover a Styrofoam ball in aluminum foil or fabric.
  2. Stick a wooden skewer in the Styrofoam ball.
  3. Hold the Styrofoam ball up by the wooden skewer and begin spraying with spray paint.
  4. Allow the ball to dry.
  5. Apply another layer of paint as in Step 3.

Can golf balls be engraved?

MAKE IT YOURS. Your golf ball, your own way. Customize with a favorite play number, personalized message or a logo, all exclusively on Titleist. com.

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