How To Make Your Own Lift Kit For Golf Cart?

  • The first and easiest option would be to build your own kit using aftermarket parts, while the second option would include either modification of your existing parts or fabricating whole new parts for your golf cart. Build your own kit!

Can you put a lift kit on a golf cart?

A golf cart lift kit is a specially -engineered kit you install on your golf cart. Lift kits for golf carts give your cart higher ground clearance, which is great for driving through rougher terrain. It also gives you a more stable riding stance, and you can fit larger tires and offset wheels on your cart.

How much does it cost to put a lift on a golf cart?

A lift kit for a golf cart is usually priced around $250. If you need to hire someone to lift your cart, on average, this will cost you about $75.00 per hour. Lifting a golf cart is a job that will take a few hours.

Can I put bigger tires on my golf cart?

All non-lifted golf carts can take 18.5″ tall tires, but some can take a little bigger, i.e., EZGO & Yamaha Drive can take 20″ without a lift. What High Profile / All-Terrain style tires/wheels can I put on Lifted Golf Carts? Lifted golf carts can fit ANY 8” tire, low profile OR high profile.

Should you lift a golf cart?

If your cart is primarily used on a course or the street, you should either not lift it or go with an adjustable long travel kit. Golf courses do not allow aggressive tread or all terrain tires due to the damage they cause to turf.

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Which golf cart lift kit is best?

The Top 8 Best Golf Cart Lift Kits

  • Club Car Precedent 6″ Double A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit.
  • Club Car DS 6″ Double A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit.
  • Drop Axle EZGO Lift Kit.
  • EZGO All Terrain Golf Cart Tires Combo.
  • Drop Axle Lift Kits for EZGO Golf Cart.
  • Club Car Precedent 6″ A-Arm Lift Kit.
  • Freedom Off-Road Performance Yamaha.

How hard is it to flip a golf cart?

While golf carts look fun, and it might be tempting to let an unlicensed driver take the wheel, golf carts can lead to horrible injuries. The danger with golf carts is that they are usually being driven on hilly uneven surfaces, which makes them easy to flip.

How much does it cost to customize a golf cart?

It’s difficult to estimate the cost of a custom golf cart because the price varies widely based on the features you select. Custom can mean simply that you paid extra for a custom paint job. Or, it can mean a golf cart built completely from scratch. However, most custom golf carts cost $10,000 to $20,000.

How can I improve my golf cart suspension?

How to Make a Golf Cart Ride Smoother

  1. Correct Tire Pressure.
  2. Replace Worn Out Shocks and Struts.
  3. Check the Fluid and Filter.
  4. Replace the Clutch.
  5. Flat Spot in Tire.
  6. Tire Damaged or Out of Line.
  7. Worn Out Suspension Bushings.
  8. Check Your Lift/Tire Combo.

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