How To Make Golf Clubs Look New?

Take a wet towel with a little dab of dish soap on it, and clean your golf club grip. Rinse with a clean wet cloth. Dry your club and club grip with a new clean dry cloth. Optionally, you can use some chrome polish or metal polish to polish the golf club shaft and face to help protect against rust.

Can you refurbish golf clubs?

GOLF CLUB REPAIR: REFURBISH VS REPLACE If a standard cleaning won’t do, a golf club refinishing can help return your clubs closer to their original, polished state. “It can also touch up those little nicks and dings that occur during a round,” DICK’S Sporting Goods Associate Nick Jendrejeski says.

Is it OK to wax golf clubs?

Any rust spots can be gently removed using fine grade steel wool. The steel wool should be at least 000, but preferably 0000, since anything more abrasive will scratch the shaft. Chrome polish or car wax can be applied after cleaning for extra care, but is not mandatory.

Can you refurbish golf irons?

Refurbishing Irons entails buffing and polishing the sole & toe, re-painting scoring lines and refinishing the face. We are not able refurbish shafts or ferrules, so they will remain in the same condition prior to refurbishing the club head.

Should you polish golf clubs?

Polishing your golf clubs should be a standard part of your golf club maintenance routine. Polishing golf clubs not only improves the cosmetic appearance of golf clubs, but it also protects the clubs against environmental factors such as dirt and water.

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Can you sand your golf clubs?

Storing your clubs in a damp area only makes things worse, as does a hot trunk. You can actually bake the rubber and cause damage that way, too. A grip before (L) and after (R) the sandpaper process. The takeaway: Lightly sanding your grips works, but only in the short term.

Does Magic Eraser work on golf clubs?

In removing scuff marks, all you need to have is a white magic eraser and then rub it against your golf irons. This should solve your problem, and you’ll say goodbye to those scuff marks in no time.

How often should you Regroove your golf clubs?

A decent rule of thumb though would be to re-groove every 15 – 20 rounds of golf.

Can you use wd40 on golf clubs?

You can use WD-40 on golf clubs. It can be an effective way to remove rust and dirt from the head and shaft. It can also be used to remove the grip, acting as a solvent when you are applying a new one.

How much does it cost to refinish irons?

Refinishing iron heads will run you $65-$80/head as long as it’s for 3 or more club heads.

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