How To Make A Golf Impact Bag?

  • As we have mentioned before, you can make your own golf impact bag very easily. First, you have to find a fabric bag, best if you can find a bit bigger in size. Pillow covers will also function as the bag in this case. Now you have to fill the bag up. You can use cotton, foam, or similar elements.

What do you fill a golf impact bag with?

Having the proper fill for your smash bag will ensure that it gives you proper feedback. Most golfers will fill their bags with old towels, pillows, or sheets. But you can also use sand, birdseed, or any other fine, soft substance to add a little more weight to your bag.

Do golf impact bags work?

In summary, a golf impact bag helps train the proper wrist angles at impact and also promotes the correct amount of shaft lean as you strike the ball. Using an impact bag will also help you clear your hips out of the way, giving you enough room to swing the club.

Who invented the impact bag?

Dr. Gary Wiren, inventor of the Impact Bag ®.

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