How To Lock A Golf Cart?

Lock a Golf Cart: Security Ideas

  1. Install a unique key switch.
  2. Install a key pad lock.
  3. Install a manual disconnect switch.
  4. Install a security system.
  5. Install a pedal lock.
  6. Install a steering wheel club.
  7. Install a wheel lock boot.
  8. Install a steering wheel removal system.
  • One of the most common and inexpensive methods to lock a golf cart is to install a unique key switch. Standard golf carts of the same brand use generic common keys, so everyone has basically the exact same key. Many manufacturers offer unique key switches for their brands to give you a different key option with your cart.

How do I keep my golf cart from being stolen?

Preventing Golf Cart Theft

  1. SECURELY STORE YOUR CART. Whenever possible, store your cart in a locked garage or shed.

Are golf carts easy to steal?

Golf carts are fairly simple to steal for someone who is determined and many times, the crime is a crime of opportunity. Law enforcement estimate that a whopping 30,000 golf carts are stolen each year in the US. One option is an actual remote security system that easily installs with the use of your cart’s battery.

Do golf carts have unique keys?

Yes, as long as the golf cart keys are from the same manufacturer, but there are some exceptions. For example, you couldn’t take a key from an EZGO cart and use it on a Yamaha cart.

How do you keep a golf cart safe?

Golf carts should be equipped with seat belts for driver and all passengers. The driver and all occupants should utilize available seatbelts anytime the vehicle is in use. Only carry the number of passengers for which there are seats/seatbelts. Drivers and passengers should keep all body parts (arms, legs, feet, etc.)

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Do golf carts have GPS?

The GPS tracking tags are installed into the carts or clipped onto bags, which result in the pace of play being tracked and monitored. The easy-to-use trackers send helpful and real-time location information.

Do all golf carts have the same key?

A key will not work on all golf carts. Instead, they are limited to the vehicles manufactured by that company. For example, if you lost the keys to your E-Z-Go TXT Elite, you would not be able to use a Clubcar cart key. Therefore, in most cases, golf cart keys are universal relative to the manufacturer.

Are golf cart motors interchangeable?

The motors and controllers are in no way interchangeable between a series and separately excited system, so be sure to educate yourself prior to ordering.

Do you need a key to start a golf cart?

Golf carts are similar to a small car, and they start by turning a key. If the key is lost or stolen, the golf cart can be started via two different methods.

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