How To Judge Distance In Golf Putting?

  • Judge distance from the side of the putt, not from behind the ball. This gives you much better appreciation of the overall putt length. Remember how far the putt looks from this perspective, then go back to the ball to complete your read.

How far should you bring your putter back?

The common body land- marks are either referrenced to your feet (big toe, little toe, outside of foot) or to use your hands (inner thigh, outer thigh, outside pocket) or use the clubhead and practice taking the putter back Clubhead widths ( 4 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches, 16 inches ).

How far should a putt go past the hole?

When you miss, your putts should end up 17 inches past the hole. If you roll them faster, you’ll suffer more lip-outs. Roll them slower and the ball will be knocked off line by imperfections (footprints, pitch marks, etc.)

What are the four skills of putting?

Four Fundamental “Elements” of Putting Skill

  • READING THE PUTT: pick an effective target to aim at.
  • AIMING THE PUTTERFACE AND BODY: aim the putterface and the setup straight at the target.
  • ROLLING THE ROCK: putt straight away from the putterface.
  • CONTROLLING DISTANCE: putt with good touch or distance control.

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