How To Install Spine Align Golf Shafts?

  • Find the dominant spine of the shaft with a spine finder. Use a pen to mark the two strips of masking tape along the location of the spine. Fit the club head and grip to the shaft. Align the club head and grip with the spine of the shaft. Clamp the grip end of the club in a vise and retest the alignment.

Does golf shaft spine alignment work?

The shaft oscillates and if it doesn’t do this consistently it can lead to misses. It is thought that by spine aligning your shafts you will create more consistency in your game and reduce your shot dispersion. This process can also help improve the feel of your clubs during the swing.

Do you need to spine a golf shaft?

A golf shaft is said to have a ‘spine’ if it is inconsistent in its stiffness when bending in different directions. Aligning all the shafts within a set so their spines point in the same direction (either forward or back) is called ‘spining. Recreational golfers don’t need to worry about spining their golf shafts.

What is the spine on a golf shaft?

A spine is an inconsistency created during the manufacturing process where the steel or graphite shaft may not be perfectly round, straight or where the wall thickness is not uniform around the circumference of the shaft. Once the spine is detected, there is a proper orientation to place the shaft into the hosel.

Is golf club shaft PUREing worth it?

The Results Our first myth is totally busted – PUREing a shaft led to significant distance increases. On average, our testers gained over 7 yards of total distance with the PUREd six iron compared to the non-PUREd club. Players swung the PUREd club nearly 1 MPH faster and generated an extra 2.8 MPH of ball speed.

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How do you pure a golf shaft at home?

How to Pure a Golf Shaft

  1. Clamp the grip end of the club in a vise.
  2. Test the alignment of the spine.
  3. Tape a strip of masking tape around the shaft just above the club head.
  4. Remove the club head and grip from the shaft.
  5. Find the dominant spine of the shaft with a spine finder.
  6. Fit the club head and grip to the shaft.

How important are shafts in a golf club?

How Important are Golf Shafts? Choosing the right shaft for your clubs is all part of the goal of giving you consistency. It can give you the best chance at striking the center of the face that will result in optimal launch conditions on the course. It absolutely has an effect on how well you can play.

How do you fix a bent golf shaft?

Take your golf towel and rub the shaft vigorously up and down. The friction will heat up the shaft to a point where you can straighten a slight bend. (Yes, it actually works.) Use nail polish for a custom, Tour-pro-grade paint job on your irons and wedges.

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