How To Improve Your Backswing In Golf?

  • The key to fixing a short backswing in golf is to increase your hip turn; make a bigger shoulder turn; and hinge your wrists properly in the takeaway. If you can do each of these things, you will add length, power and distance to your game.

What should the golf backswing feel like?

The golf swing should feel effortless, with minimal tension. Think of it like a coiled spring: as you rotate and load into the backswing, you are storing up energy (just as a coiled spring would) before releasing all that energy – in one sweeping downswing motion – through the ball at impact.

Why does my golf swing feel awkward?

A lot of times, a change like this, made to the golf swing, feels incredibly awkward and ineffective at first because it is outside the player’s natural comfort zone. One of the most common reasons people talk about hitting the ball from the inside is because they want to create an inside-out move.

What happens if you dont complete your backswing?

What happens if you don’t get all the way there? It puts the bottom of your swing arc farther back, probably behind the ball. Unless you make some other compensation in your swing, you’re going to mis-hit the shot.

Why is my backswing so short?

Excessive tension may prevent some players from executing a proper backswing, according to PGA pro Eric Hogge. When you’re tense your muscles tighten up and inhibit your flexibility, which can cut your backswing short.

Should I swing hard in golf?

In golf, you should swing as hard as you can without losing your balance and posture. The longer you can hit the ball off the tee, the easier scoring becomes as you’ll leave yourself less distance into the green.

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What does lag do in the golf swing?

Lag is the angle between the left forearm (right for left-handers) and the club in your downswing. So, when people talk about how you or they lost the lag, it’s because that angle has been thrown away too quickly, resulting in a loss of distance, among other things.

How important is the backswing in golf?

The new research shows the final part of the swing – when club connects with ball – is only one part of the learning process and that generating a consistent back swing allows players to learn new skills faster or adapt to changes faster. So getting your back swing perfected is important.

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