How To Get Free Golf Clubs?

Finding a free set of golf clubs takes diligence, research, and a bit of time.


  1. Search your local Buy Nothing group.
  2. Become a golf club tester.
  3. Use a credit card that offers rewards.
  4. Utilize a golf club donation program.
  5. Be weary of offers that sound too good to be true.

Do d1 golfers get free clubs?

Put bluntly, male players have a distinct advantage, and according to the current Division I coaches I spoke with, are routinely provided OEM (TaylorMade, PING, Titleist, and Callaway) equipment, free of charge, while members of a collegiate team.

Do professional golfers get free clubs?

Had a good time talking with @gq & you can check it out in the March issue. For the most part, golfers are given their clubs by whoever their sponsor is. These sponsors work closely with the golfers to ensure that every club is perfect for them.

How can I get a free round of golf?

One way to get a free round of golf is to go try out a new private club in your area. The membership director at the club will very likely give you a round of golf for free so you can see if you want to join the course.

How do I get free golf clubs from Callaway?

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy and Callaway (Mickelson’s club sponsor) are teaming up for a U.S. Open promotion. Customers that purchase a Callaway driver through Sept. 16 will receive a chance to get the club for free if Mickelson, or any Callaway staff member, wins the second major of 2020.

Are golf scholarships hard to get?

Landing a golf scholarship can be tough— but it’s not impossible. Of the 1,318 schools that offer men’s golf, 972 of them offer athletic scholarships. However, these programs operate on an equivalency method, meaning coaches distribute their funds across multiple athletes, making full-ride scholarships rare.

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What score do you need to shoot to play college golf?

NCAA Division 1 golf scores: 70 to 75. NCAA Division 2 golf scores: 70 to high 70s. NCAA Division 3 golf scores: 72 to low 80s. NAIA golf scores: low 70s to high 80s.

Do PGA golfers get free clothes?

Professional golfers get so much free stuff at every tournament they go to | For The Win.

Why do golf pros take their glove off after every shot?

Golfers take their gloves off to air the gloves to be less sweaty and to let the skin breathe which prevents skin conditions. Having no gloves improves the feel of the club, so most pros will take off a glove when the shot will not result in slippage, for chips, short pitches, and for putting.

Do PGA Tour players get free memberships?

Keep in mind, PGA Tour players don’t have to pay to play golf. A lot of them do belong to private clubs where they live so they can practice on their off weeks, but it’s not uncommon for a club to waive the initiation fee for Tour players and just have them pay the monthly dues.

Do free golf courses exist?

Most public golf courses are open to the general public. They are usually owned by a cities or counties in their respective states. These courses are considered on public land because the general public pays taxes to support its function.

How can I practice golf cheap?

15 ways to play golf on the cheap

  1. Used clubs.
  2. Take a part-time job on a golf course.
  3. Internet instruction.
  4. Stop at your grocery store before your round.
  5. Go hunting for balls in the winter.
  6. Buy refurbished/recycled golf balls.
  7. Walk instead of riding a cart.
  8. Organize a trip to a cheaper area.
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Does Callaway ever go on sale?

Golf clubs generally go on sale two times a year which is after the Christmas holidays in the New Year, and also during Fall where the top brands such as Callaway, Titleist, Nike, and Wilson like to announce new product lines which lead to price reductions in individual clubs and complete sets.

How do you buy golf clubs before buying?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose what you want to try. There’s a number of different models you can try from a variety of different brands, spanning drivers all the way down to putters and also golf equipment, like rangefinders.
  2. Try your chosen product.
  3. Return or keep it.

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