How To Fold A Golf Shirt?

  • Lay the golf shirt on a flat surface, such as a table or bed. Place the shirt with the front side down on the surface. Fold the left side of the shirt horizontally toward the middle, making the fold about one inch from the collar.

How do you roll a golf shirt?

​How to Roll a Polo Shirt

  1. Lay your polo shirt face down on a flat surface.
  2. Begin by folding the bottom of your shirt up about four inches.
  3. Bring the sleeves into the back middle of the shirt so they are touching slightly when both folded.
  4. Smooth down the shirt before rolling.
  5. Begin rolling from the collar and roll down.

How do you fold a polo shirt so they don’t wrinkle?

How to Fold a Polo Shirt

  1. Lay your polo shirt on a flat surface and straighten it out with no wrinkles.
  2. Button up all the buttons.
  3. Flip your polo shirt over so that it is button side down.
  4. Fold the sleeves into the body of the polo by taking each sleeve and folding it back to the middle of the shirt.

Should polo shirts be hung or folded?

Polo shirts are usually made of piqué which doesn’t crease much, you should be ok keeping them folded. Hanging them might leave hanger marks on the shoulders.

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