How To Draw A Golf Ball On Paper?

  • Decide the size in which you would like to draw the golf ball and accordingly open the hands of a compass. Insert a sharpened pencil in the compass and place a plain sheet of paper on a flat, wooden surface. Draw a perfect circle on the piece of paper using the compass.

Can you paint your own golf balls?

Painting Golf Balls. Choose how you want your golf balls to look. You can use acrylic paint and paint brushes, or spray paint for a more solid look of one color. It’s better to have too many golf balls than not enough as you might want to change your design along the way.

Will paint stick to a golf ball?

When the golf ball is all clean and dry, you will need to take some sandpaper to rough up the surface. Paint needs something to stick to, and the glossy nature of the outside of a golf ball makes it hard for the paint to stick.

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