How To Cure Topping Golf Ball With Driver?

  • · Practice swing with your feet together with your driver. I suspect you are swaying and moving away from the ball changing the bottom apex of your swing back thus causing you to hit the top equator of the ball. Also, try teeing the ball higher.

Why am I hitting the ball with the top of my driver?

They key thing to know about skying a driver, or hitting it high on the club-face, is that it means that your angle of attack is too steep and you are hitting down on the golf ball. The solution is simply to work on your angle of attack into the ball and focusing on a sweeping action to hit up on the golf ball.

What causes topping the ball?

Lateral motion in the backswing moves the swing arc backward. If it isn’t then moved forward in the downswing, the low point of the arc is behind the ball, often causing a thin or topped shot.

Why do I keep topping hybrid?

Why do I keep topping my hybrid? The main reason you’re topping your hybrids is that you’re trying to hit it like a fairway wood.

Why do I keep topping the golf ball with my hybrid?

The biggest issue we see with topped shots is that the club is too short. When the club is too short, a golfer can do what they need to do when swinging the club, yet when they come around, the club simply doesn’t match up with the ground or impact position.

Why do I struggle to hit a hybrid?

Letting the ball creep too far forward in your stance makes it difficult to hit down on the ball. Place the toe of the hybrid against your left heel, with the clubface pointing toward your body, and set the ball opposite the hosel.

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