How To Control The Flight Of Your Golf Ball?

  • In learning to improve your ball control, focus on improving your clubface angle and path first. The clubface tells the ball where to go. The ball will basically take off at a right angle to where the clubface is pointing. If your clubface is pointing left of the target, the ball will initially fly to the left of the target.

How do you manipulate a ball on a plane?

To keep the trajectory low make sure your body leads the swing and finishes forward. To make the ball go high intentionally leave your body weight on your back foot in the finish. Forward shoulder tilts high to make the ball go high. Forward shoulder tilt lower to make the ball fly low.

What causes high ball flight in golf?

When you need to hit the ball higher it’s nearly the exact opposite as hitting the ball low. Swinging fast will increase the spin and increase the trajectory. When you swing down on the ball the more it will go up. Make your swing steeper to make the ball go up faster.

How do you control iron trajectory?

Another way to do it is to vary your release. The more you extend your arms through the shot, the lower it will go. Letting the club come up more in the follow-through produces more height. Whichever way you choose, control your trajectory, and you’ll hit it pin-high much more often.

Why is my ball flight so low?

Another reason you hit it low is that your club bottoms out too soon. You’re probably trying to pick the ball off the turf. To get the bottom of your swing ahead of the ball like they do, empty a sleeve of balls and collapse the box they came in so it’s relatively flat.

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What is the best angle to hit a golf ball?

Everyone in freshman physics learns that the optimal launch angle for a projectile – the angle that makes a ball fly the farthest – is 45 degrees.

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