How To Compress A Golf Ball With Irons?

  • How Do You Compress a Golf Ball With Irons A simple drill to compress the ball with your irons is to keep the hands in front while practicing your sweep. This positioning will start to give you a downward attack while combining the sweeping motion.

What does compressing the golf ball do?

You’re doing it right if it feels as though you’re pinching — or compressing — the ball between the clubface and the ground. The payoff is big: tighter approaches, shorter birdie putts and a lot more fun. The three moves at right will help you deliver the club on a proper attack angle.

What does it mean to compress your irons?

A compressed ball off the center of an iron’s face creates this distinctive noise as it cuts through the air, like a burst of steam releasing from a pressure cooker. If you want your shots to sound like that, you’ve got to hit down on the ball. That’s key. Here are four steps—including a drill—to make it happen. —

Why am I hitting all my irons the same distance?

The first factor is speed. Without a good amount of club head speed or with a decelerating club head, it will seem that all your clubs fly the same. Sometimes when this is the case even shorter clubs can fly further. Imagine a 90 year old that is stiff and can’t move quickly.

Should I hit down on my irons?

A great way to think about the angle of attack in to the golf ball with an iron is to imagine the club head is an airplane coming in to land on a runway. This will help promote a more neutral angle of attack, but hopefully still help you strike the ball first followed by the turf.

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Why am I miss hitting my irons?

If the club-face gets “open” during the golf swing then we have to make compensations to try and square it up at Impact. This often results in a poor downswing sequence, a quiet lower body and even poor shaft lean at impact. These all contribute to the club “bottoming” out too early, resulting in a poor strike.

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