How To Change Soft Spikes On Golf Shoes?

  • Use a spike wrench to remove the cleats Using a wrench, you may now remove the spikes on your golf shoes. Just place the wrench on a cleat and turn it counter-clockwise.

How do you remove spikes from golf shoes without tool?

How to Remove Spikes Without a Cleat Wrench

  1. Rub the spikes with the brush end of a golf cleaning tool to remove caked-on mud. If you don’t have a cleaning tool, use a wire brush or stiff-bristled brush.
  2. Grip the spike with a set of pliers.
  3. Turn the pliers counterclockwise to unscrew the spike from the shoe.

Which golf spikes are best?

Best Golf Cleats

  • Champ Zarma Tour Fast Twist 3.0 Cleats. Reasons to buy.
  • Champ Stinger Q-Lok Spikes. Reasons to buy.
  • Champ 18 Stinger Fast Twist 3 Spikes.
  • Softspikes Ultimate Cleat Kit.
  • Softspikes Golf Pivix Spikes.
  • Softspikes Pulsar Cleat (FTS 3.0)
  • adidas ThinTech Exp Clamshell Golf Cleats.
  • Softspikes Tornado Golf Cleat Spikes.

What is a soft spike golf shoe?

Soft spikes are the type of golf spike that essentially replaced metal spikes, which had been customary throughout most of the history of the game. Much like metal spikes, most shoes which feature soft spikes are designed to have several spikes inserted into the bottom of the shoe in a variety of locations.

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