How To Black Nitride Finish Golf Clubs?

  • Apply the sealant recommended by the black oxide finish manufacturer. The traditional finish for black oxide is a penetrating oil-based sealer, and is applied by dipping the part in the oil sealer and wiping off the excess with a lint-free cloth. If you prefer a dry finish, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for non-oil sealer options.

How do I Blackout my irons?

To do it yourself, get your hands on a paint stripper like acetone (nail polish remover works, too). Then apply acrylic paint, or even nail polish, to achieve the color scheme you desire. Or, after you strip the paint off your club, you have the option to leave it that way for a stealthy, unfinished look.

What is the black finish on golf clubs?

Miura Golf, however, has developed a new black finish using a technique called “QPQ,” or quench-polish-quench. This specialized process helps mitigate wear and corrosion, keeping those black finishes looking clean and stealthy, even for golfers who play and practice frequently.

How do you stain golf clubs?

Wipe the head of the club gently with fine steel wool to remove the excess old paint. Apply the desired stain to the wood of the club head with your 1-inch paint brush. Allow the club to dry for one to two days so that the stain has time to set. Wipe down the club and apply the varnish or lacquer of your choice.

Can you repaint black golf irons?

Yes. You can easily repaint your golf club heads at home. First, you will have to remove any existing paint from the heads. You can apply a paint remover and let it soak for a few hours before removing the old paint with a sharp object.

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Is it OK to polish golf clubs?

Polishing your golf clubs should be a standard part of your golf club maintenance routine. Polishing golf clubs not only improves the cosmetic appearance of golf clubs, but it also protects the clubs against environmental factors such as dirt and water.

How do you get black finish off golf clubs?

Step 1 cover wedge head in naval jelly and let sit for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes thoroughly brush head with tooth brush. You will start to see the tooth brush turning black. Let sit for a few minutes and rinse off head.

Do black golf clubs fade?

It does fade over time, but how much it fades is largely dependent on how often you use them. Matte is typically the treatment given to the black clubs, so this will stand out.

How long do black irons last?

Wear tests show black oxide or black nickel start showing wear after roughly 100 to 300 cycles, or pretty much once you take the plastic off.

What paint to use to paint fill golf clubs?

The best paint to use on golf clubs is enamel paint. Many golfers will also use acrylic paints, and those would be the next best alternative. The most important thing to consider about golf club paints is their longevity.

Is there a spray epoxy?

Epoxy spray consists out of a hardener, which then needs to be mixed with resin. Once sprayed, it will form a durable and waterproof coating. The spray epoxy paint can resist grease, household cleaners, stains, and can hold fast onto a variety of materials.

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What kind of paint do you use on golf clubs?

Three main types of paint are suggested for the painting of golf clubs.

  • Enamel Paint. Enamel paint and preferably epoxy-based enamel paint is highly recommended.
  • Acrylic Paint. This paint is water-based and drys quite quickly and is cheaper than enamel paint.
  • Two-Part Urethane Automotive Coating.

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