How Much Water Does A Golf Course Use?

Courses around the U.S. suck up around approximately 2.08 billion gallons of water per day for irrigation. That’s about 130,000 gallons per day per course, according to the golf industry.

How much water does a golf course use per day?

Audubon International estimates that the average American course uses 312,000 gallons per day. In a place like Palm Springs, where 57 golf courses challenge the desert, each course eats up a million gallons a day.

How much water does a golf course take?

In California, an average 18-hole golf course sprawls over 110 to 115 acres and conservatively uses almost 90 million gallons of water per year, enough to fill 136 Olympic-size swimming pools, said Mike Huck, a water management consultant who works with golf courses statewide.

How much water does it take to keep a golf course green?

This is equivalent to 1,496 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet. If a golf course has 3.2 acres of putting greens, it would require 208,530 gallons to flush all putting green root zones. In other words, 2.4 inches of water would be needed across the putting surfaces to reach saturation.

Are golf courses a waste of water?

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. golf courses consume more than 2 billion gallons of water per day, and since one in every 17 of U.S. courses is located in arid and semi-arid California, our 921 courses consume a sizable chunk of that total daily.

Do golf courses use too much water?

Golf, he said, consumes less than 1% of all water used in California, but nearly 25% of Coachella Valley water.

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How much water do UK golf courses use?

A typical golf course uses anywhere between 378.5 m3 to 3,785 m3 of water per week in summer. That’s a lot! At higher consumption levels, this could be costing you over £8,000 a year.

How many acre-feet of water does a golf course use?

Water use varies significantly by agronomic region. An average 18-hole golf facility in the Southwest region uses an average of 4 acre-feet of water per irrigated acre per year. An average 18-hole golf facility in the Northeast region uses an average of 0.8 acre-feet of water per irrigated acre per year.

How much water does a 18-hole golf course use?

Using water use data nationally, an 18-hole golf course uses an average of 152.5 acre-feet of water per year to irrigate 80.7 acres of turfgrass.

How often do you water a golf course?

A healthy, high-quality turf may need up to 1¾ inches of water per week to keep it growing vigor- ously under hot, dry, windy summer conditions. This total water requirement includes both rainfall and irrigation. Turfgrass will require much less water when the weather is cool or cloudy.

How do golf courses conserve water?

The key is the irrigation system. Course managers can monitor and control irrigation from their smartphones. “You can water specific areas of the golf course without watering other specific areas,” Friedlander says. Pelican Hill says it saves 50 million gallons of water each year — recycled water, mind you.

Why do golf courses need so much water?

3. Water use has a major influence on the playability of a golf course. Judicious water use that emphasizes firm, fast conditions is more enjoyable for all skill levels of golfers and is a goal that the USGA strongly supports.

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How often are putting greens watered?

Twice a week is sufficient, and even three times in’ the driest weather would do no harm. Sprinkling keeps the roots so near the surface they are more likely to be affected by the heat of the sun. I favor watering very late in the day, but would prefer to have it done at night, if possible.

Is golf a waste of time?

Remembering that the average round of golf takes 4 hours we can safely assume that 1.824 billion hours or 76 million days are wasted playing golf every year. The average golfer wastes around 76 hours or 3.2 days playing golf every year.

How many golf courses are in California?

Number of Golf Courses in the State of California: 921 California is more than just beaches and surfing. It’s also home to 921 beautiful golf courses, including four of the top 25 courses in the USA according to Business Insider. Both Pebble Beach Golf Links and Cypress Point Club made the top 10.

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